Summer 1 in Reception


This half term our theme is Dinosaur Discovery! We had a real life dinosaur in our classroom in the Easter holidays. Watch the video of the Tyrannosaurus Rex in our classroom! The dinosaur broke the door and the ceiling too!


We learnt all about fossils and the first fossil hunter. We made our own fossils using objects from the school grounds and made fossil cookies too!


We had a dinosaur egg arrive in our classroom! Mummy dinosaur sent us a letter asking us to look after the egg. We have all been taking care of the egg by keeping it warm, singing to the egg, reading it stories and making it things. We have also been busy writing to Mummy dinosaur - she is called Tiffy the Triceratops and is from Portugal.


We had a fantastic final week preparing for our celebration day. We painted our dinosaur islands, made T-Rex teeth by investigating how to melt chocolate and made swamp juice. Thank you to all the parents and carers that came and joined us and tasted our delights!