Take Over Day



What is Take Over Day?

Here at All Saints’ Primary School, we believe that giving early experience will help the young mind grow. Our Deputy Head teacher Miss Green has created a day where the Year 6 children take over all the staff  roles throughout school hours. We believe that every child should leave this school with enthusiasm for when they step into the world of work. This is an activity that is done every year. Your child will not only have the opportunity to experience this they will also be able to take part.


How do you apply?

When you can apply for your job there are many choices for take over day however like the real world you have to make sure you have good levels and a good reference (so your job also depends on your behaviour) Miss Green will have one lesson with you and will tell you your options, however these are some of the options:

  • Head teacher
  • Deputy Head
  • Teacher of key stage 2
  • Teacher of key stage 1
  • Support teacher
  • A Cook


See so many options and so much more. What you need to understand is that different people get different jobs


By Chloe Kayando ( Head on Take Over Day 2015)