Welcome to Class 2's Blog

In Class 2 we have lots of fun, enjoyment and excitement. Here you will find out all about life in Class 2 and what we like doing.


We have an assembly everyday apart from on a Monday when we go to Church. Assemblies are fun because we sing. On Fridays we have a special assembly called Talent Award Assembly. On a Tuesday assembly classes take turns to lead the assembly, it is about our weekly ethos statement. The teacher who leads assembly on Wednesday and Thursday is usually Mrs Denton or Mr Pattison. Our favourite songs we sing at assembly are ‘This little heart of mine’ and ‘I am going to let it shine.’



In theme we learn about lots of different things including ‘Can I be an inventor?’ and ‘Who are the heroes?’ In theme we do lots of different subjects including History, Geography, Art, DT, Music, Science, Computing as well as Literacy and Maths too. In theme we learn lots of facts and information. In theme we change partners as well.


Celebration days

Celebration days are when we have fun. Sometimes we make things. On celebration days we sometimes do some cooking. Also we sometimes on trips on our celebration. We get to go in non-uniform so we can look nicer. We also play with sensible toys. We also take the guinea pigs out but sometimes they have really sharp claws and can scratch you.



We enjoy discos because we get to dance. We enjoy discos because we give out awards some times. We enjoy discos because we get to listen to music. Did you know that in our school we have a DJ?


Favourite lessons

Our favourite lesson is PE. We like PE because it is fun and healthy for us. In PE we do lots of things including dance, skipping, gymnastics, tennis, games, hockey and practise for sports day. We  do  PE  on  a Monday and Thursday and  we also  do  PE  indoor  and  outdoor.  We like PE because our hearts beats fast.



We walk to church every Monday morning. We sing songs about God. We pray to God. We learn about God at church. God forgives us when we do something bad. Church is when we talk about God and Jesus. Once we had a taste test at church. At church we wrote number sentences and they all ended in 10. This helped us to learn that there were different ways to find other answers. 


Golden time

At Golden time we play with Lego and puzzles but it depends if it is at the last lesson or after break. At golden time we make houses with Lego and we read books and we play with DS. At Golden time we get the guinea pigs out and we watch them run really fast under the tables and we get to hold the guinea pigs. Did you know we can draw any thing we want to draw? Sometimes we play on the computers and we play ICT games.  



Maths is a time when we learn about number, calculating, reasoning, word problems and theme maths work such as shape and space.

In column addition we do adding with decimal points, in decimal points we learn about how to use it. In word problems we read the question then solve it and put the answer down.

In maths we have special words and we can use them in our books.

We do work in maths and put it on a display. In correction time we correct the things that we have done wrong. We do harder work so we can get better.


In literacy we enjoy stories because we have a story star that you can wear. In literacy we do activities that you may like to do. We also write about things that we did in the school holidays. We like to do the big question that we do at the end of the lesson. During literacy we enjoy Miss Levitt getting her story voice on. While we are in class doing literacy we like to read books ourselves. On our adventures in class we sometimes read our special books at the end of literacy. Through literacy we sometimes do freeze frames and you can’t speak but you can do a frame of something.


Year 2 phonics

We enjoy doing phonics because we learn new sounds we have never heard of. We like to learn lots of words and vowels to learn new things. We learn hard words that mean things like homophones. We learn set1 set2 and set 3 words. We read books like chocolate planet. It makes us hungry.



The toys that we have are balls, skipping ropes and rackets. We love playtimes because we have friends to play with. Playtimes are fun because we can run about. Playtimes are fun because we can talk to other people, even our very best friends. Playtimes are fun because we can play with any toys we want to play with. Playtimes are great because we can play with each other. Playtimes are great because we get so much exercise while we run.



We took part in a skipping competition. It was fun so let me tell you all about it. It was a competition the most points at the end wins. The people who got chosen for an event did a challenge. During our PE lessons we have been learning skipping skills and techniques like hopping, side swing and speed bounce.


Sports Day

When it’s sports day everyone comes on the field to do sports. We do dribbling and egg and spoon races. We do sports day to keep fit, healthy and to enjoy it.


Talent assemblies

Talent Award Assembly happens every Friday afternoon in the last lesson. We  enjoy  talent  assemblies  because  we  get  to  watch  talents  from  the  front  of  the  hall. Anybody can do a talent, you just have to book it in first with Miss Green. To get a place in the assembly you have to show your talent to Miss Green, sometimes you have to go and practise your talent more before you can get booked in. Some of the talents we have had include singing, dancing and cooking.


When we come to school we wear uniform. We wear uniform so we look smart. We wear uniform at school so that if we are on a trip people know which school we go to. Our uniform is green we wear grey and black trousers.