Tumbleweed and Sombreros


We've had another really enjoyable half-term in year 6!  We have had a great time finding out about the Maya civilisation and have been fascinated by their life style.  At the beginning of the term, we found out about where they lived and who discovered them and we went on to learn about their social hierarchy and how this affected the lives of people at different levels in society.  We were fascinated about the things they have left behind and loved exploring a range of artefacts in class.    We also found out about the Maya rituals and learned about the importance of their Gods and the effect their beliefs had on everyday life and even death! 

As part of our celebration day, we had great fun playing one of their games called 'Pok-a-tok'.  The Maya people would have played this game to survive and the losing team would have been sacrificed. One of the rules of this game was the players were not allowed to use their hands or feet and they had to get the ball through the hoop. (The hoop would not have been as big as ours and would also have been a lot higher in the air).

Throughout this half-term we have been learning about electricity, with our main focus on circuits.  We have been mastering the symbols within an electrical circuit and have developed our investigation skills when investigating voltage and the length of wires. 

As part of our celebration day, we worked as a class to create a huge circuit which went all the way around the classroom.  We started off in small groups and connected each circuit together, using a range of objects that we found around school.

During art this half term, we have been using a range of media to create our artwork. To do this we have built up our backgrounds, using a range of materials and textures and have also used templates to allow this texture and print to show through our final result.  We have then used watercolours to create our background colours and then we used black poster paints to paint images of trees etc., using fine brush strokes.  (Completed paintings to follow).