Home Learning 

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Parents, we have sadly had to close our Reception bubble. I will add home learning to this page each day. It would be fantastic if you could share any home learning on Tapestry.  Please email if there's anything I can help with.

Reception, I look forward to seeing what you get up to. You have been working so hard at school so I hope you can keep going at home. I hope that you all stay safe and well during this time. Lots of love, Miss Turver

Stay active!
Please remember to stay active. It's so important for the health of your brain and your body, it also makes us feel happier!
Here are some fun activity ideas.


Fun activities


Here are lots of fun learning activities!

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl gives you free access to lots of books at home. Click on where it says my class login in pink at the top!

username: receptionas
password: Allsaints




Monday 19th October
Our last day of home learning! School is open again tomorrow :) I'm so excited to see you all!

Get up and go challenge...
Miss Cooke is back to get us moving!

Can you work out while you count to 20?
I would love to see some videos on Tapestry or by email if you can!






The sound of the day is....

Can you label some objects in your house with a j?
Do you have any jam? Do you have any juice? Do you have a jacket? A jug? A jar? Some jelly? Can you ask someone in your family to jump? Or to jog?

Make it trickier: can you hear any other sounds in those words? Say them slowly and see if you can write them down?



Tricky Words

We are going to start learning some tricky words next week.
These are words we can't sound out we just have to remember them.
Watch this song and see if you can learn any of them.





The Tallest

Your turn... can you find an object in your house that is taller than you? What about an object that is shorter than you?
Make it trickier: can you order your things from shortest to tallest?




Pumpkin Soup

Can you draw what you think will happen in the story? Can you video yourself talking about your ideas?
Make it trickier... can you label it?



How does a pumpkin grow?
Have a look at this life-cycle of a pumpkin. Can you chat to someone in your family about how a pumpkin grows?





Friday 16th October


Get up and go challenge…
Get your brain and body moving with one of our songs for collective worship. Let me hear you sing!



Miss Turver’s challenge today is to find something that makes you feel happy…


Miss Cooke has another pattern challenge for you today too...




The sound of the day is...

Can you make me a rainbow r? Which colours do you need?

Can you say work out the r words?

Make it trickier… can you have a go at writing some r words? Remember to sound them out carefully.

How long is it?

Grab a pencil and go on a hunt around your house. Can you find something longer than the pencil? Can you find something shorter than the pencil? Don’t forget to line them up!

Make it tricker: can you find 5 different objects in your house and order them from shortest to longest? Don’t forget to line them up!



Fact Finder...

What is your favourite fact you have learnt about Autumn?

Have you read any non-fiction books before? What did you learn?
Let me know!


We would usually have PE on a Friday so here are some fun challenges you can use to practise hopping at home. We’d love to see some videos of you practising.

-Ask a grown up to time how long you can stand on one leg for.

-Can you hop so softly you don’t make a sound?
-Can you hop forwards? Can you hop backwards?
-Can you hop 5 times in a row?
-Can you hop quickly?
-Can you hop slowly? 
-Put some numbers out on the floor. When a grown up calls out a number, try to hop to the correct one!
-Can you make some coloured spots on paper to go on the floor. Pretend the floor is lava, can you hop to each different colour?



Well done!

Well done for working so hard this week! Have a well-earned rest this weekend! We’ll be back on Monday for our last day of home learning :)








Thursday 15th October

Get up and go challenge…

Miss Cooke is going to get us all moving today...

And Miss Pugh wants to know if you can find her something in your house that is a square shape...



The sound of the day is...

Shhhhh! Don’t wake up the shark! Can you write a sh sound so everyone knows to be quiet?
Have a go at these sh activities.

Make it trickier: see if you can write these sh words.




All about number 5...

Can you spot the part whole model that does not show 5? Let me know if you find it! Remember to count how many there are altogether really carefully!

Make it trickier: Can work out which numicon is missing to make 5?



Leaf Man

I think I might have found Leaf Man...
Can you talk about what you think is happening in this picture with your family?
Where is Leaf Man?
How did he get there?
What is the robot doing? Why?
How might the robot be feeling? Why?
How might Leaf Man be feeling? Why?
What do you think will happen next?

I would love to hear what you think, you could video yourself telling me your ideas or you could draw a picture of what you think will happen next.









Wednesday 14th October

Get up and go challenge…

Let’s start our day with Go Noodle! Let’s get our bodies and brains moving!



Now we’re ready, its Miss Taylor’s challenge today! Can you find her something that is loud? We can’t wait to see what you come up with...



The sound of the day is...

Henry the Hippo is hungry! Can you send me a h to feed him?

Have a go at playing I spy and see if you can spot everything that begins with the h sound! 

Make it tricker: See if you can sound out the words to work out what is inside the house.




All about number 5...

Your turn… see if you can you spot all the 5s. Don't worry about printing it out, you can talk about it with your grown up as you look at the screen!

Make it trickier: Can you have a go at writing the number sentences for these tens frames?




Leaf Man...

Can you create your own leaf man? You could draw him or if you have a garden and there any leaves you could use those!
Make it trickier: Write some labels for your leaf man? What sounds can you hear in spiky, leaf, brown, etc?



Black History Month

When we were at school we learnt about and watched videos of the Leeds Carnival. We all decided that it looked so much fun and that we would love to go there!
Here are some pictures to remind you…



Could you create postcard from the Carnival? You can draw pictures of all the bright colours, brilliant dancing and amazing costumes!







Tuesday 13th October

Get up and go challenge…


Let’s start our day with Go Noodle! Let’s get our bodies and brains moving!


Each day we will have a fun challenge to get our brains working before we begin our learning. It's Miss Cooke’s challenge today…

Can you find her something that you would use to get clean?
Take a picture of it and pop it on Tapestry! She can’t wait to see what you come up with.


The sound of the day is…


Oh no the ladybird has lost all the l’s that were stuck to her legs. Send me your l’s on tapestry and I will stick them to the ladybird’s legs!

Have a go at some of the challenges in this l workbook. You don’t need to print it out, just talk about it or use some paper!

Make it tricker: Can you try to write a label for these objects?




All about number 5...

Watch numberblocks, number 5…

Where did 5 come from? How can we check it’s 5?

Can you draw your own hand and colour in the fingers with two colours? How many (red) fingers do you have? How many (blue) fingers do you have? How many fingers do you have altogether?
Make it trickier: Can you write a number sentence for your hand?



Leaf Man...

Where do you think Leaf Man went? Why? Could you draw a picture?
Make it trickier: could you write the first sound for where leaf man went? Could you try and write a label?



Nocturnal Animals…
We’ve talked about Nocturnal animals at school. Can you remember any of the animals that are Nocturnal? What does Nocturnal mean? When do these animals wake up? Can you draw one? Are you Nocturnal?





Monday 12th October

The sound of the day is...

Reception! Elsie the Elf needs our needs help!

Send me your e's on Tapestry or by email and I will give them to Elsie!


Have a look round your house, is there anything you can label with an e? An egg, an envelope, an elephant...

Make it trickier: Have a go at reading these words with the e sound. Sound them out and blend them together...




All about number 5.. 

Can you try and throw a birthday party for number 5 in your house? Could you find 5 plates/cups/forks etc? Please send pictures on Tapestry or by email!

Make it trickier: Can you make 5 a birthday card? Can you write the number 5? Can you draw a cake with 5 candles?


Don't forget to practise counting up to 10 each day as well...





Story time...
Have a look at the story Don't Hog the Hedge. Can you tell your family about what hedgehogs do in Winter?




Autumn changes...

Have a look at this video about Autumn...


Can you spot all 4 things on my checklist?
-apples falling
-the leaves changing colours and falling off the trees
-lots of rain!

Could you record a video of you talking about what happens in Autumn? 
Or could you draw picture of what happens in Autumn? I would love to see them if you could put them on Tapestry!