Year 2's blog - Our favorite moments!

This year we have had lots of fun in year 2. For our end of year computing project we wrote blogs about our favorite moments. Read some of them below!

 I met some creatures!

By Tristan Wray

My favourite activity in year 2 is when we experienced Meet a creature. There was a man looking after the animals in case they attacked us. The first animal was a slow, hard shelled Tortoise.We held it and it felt rough on the shell and soft on the body below. We passed it round in a circle.

The next creature was a scaly, slithering snake, the man placed it around some of the children’s neck. I said he could do it to me.

The next one was a petrifying Tarantula with 8 long hairy legs. It was very scary because the man put it on my head!

I really enjoyed it but sadly it was time to go back to class to do some work.

Would you be brave enough to hold one of these creatures?

I went to Thackeray medical Museum

By Sened

My favourite activity was when we went to the Thackeray medical museum. We went in a Victorian street and saw how it looked and how they lived. We saw the street and the toilets were actually outside and we saw how it looked like. We saw scary houses, people who were killed and we saw some dangerous machines from a factory. I felt really scared and frightened when I saw the terrifying stuff. I saw people who actually lived and know had died because they lived too long or might have got killed.

Would you like to go? 


What we do on faith day?

By Holly and Nahier

My favorite activity in year 2 was when we did faith day.

We went different parts of the school and went to different classes.

We got taught by different people and I liked the part when we made friendship bracelets in year 6.

In year one we coloured the pebbles.

In year 5 we made paper plains and love hearts.

In the hall we did a dance with Miss Burton

And at home time the whole school danced to the song.

Mr James made paper candles to show that Jesus was the light of the world.

In Reception we made animals to show that God made the world.

In the hall they told us what groups we were in.

What was your favorite class?


Faith Day!

By Ahmad

On Faith Day We Went To Every Class And Did Fun Activities And Did Fun Stuff. My Favourite Activity Was When We Went To Year 6 And Made Friendship Bracelets.

So We Chose Three Different Coloured Strings And Connected Them Together And The Three Strings We Chose Was God The Son ,God The Farther And God The Holy Spirit And We Put Them On Our wrist So We Can Show That We Worship God And The Son Jesus.

When I Went Into The Classroom I Felt Excited And nervous because it was a different classroom so I didn’t know what to do and I was nervous. So The Teacher Showed Us What To Do So We Did It And I Felt captivated.


I was an ape for the day!

By Michelle Helafu

My favourite day in year 2 was Go Ape.

We had to get safe in case we fall so we put on Harneses.My favourite part of Go-ape was the zip line.

After we got our Harneses on we tried the activities. The activities were fun, a little bit hard and scary because it was extremely high. Activity 1 wasn’t very hard but it was quite wobbly.  


I went to Go Ape

By Cler and Ivie-lou

My favourite activity was when we went to Go ape.

Some of us went on the high,scary courses and if we fell we would just hang in the air.We had a harness to protect us.And the best part about it was that there was… zip lines,that was my favourite!!!!We had to climb in stuff  and climb on stuff.It was so much fun!

The scary part was the thingy that looks like a swing course and the other scary part was the was the thin metal balancing beam because it was wobbling.

I liked the part where we climbed into the tunnel.If you went to go ape before and only went on the smalls cores,would you be brave enough and dare to go on the high courses?How brave are you?


Go Ape by River and Abi

My favourite memory in year 2 is we had a trip to Go Ape.

When we arrived we all went to the toilet so we didn’t miss any parts.

Then we got strapped up so we don’t fall of the obsticles and then we went to the first bit.

When we got on to number 2 it was so high and SCARY and I almost fell off.

After that there was AMAZING long zip line and I felt excited.

On number 3 I almost fell off again on these big crosses and I was terrified!

Then finally I went to number four and I fell off . We played some fun games but I lost every game.

Do you want to go to go ape its fun?


!!!All about go ape!!!

By Saron and Chris.

In go ape we had to put on harnesses on us.

Then we went on go ape and we went a meter stick high.

Then we went on the higher one.

Then we went to the rock wall and it is high and we persevered.

We had pack lunch and then we played ape games.


Blind sweet tasting

By Rosie and Anja

My favourite activity in year two is when we tasted sweets with a blindfold.

We had loads of different kinds of sweets. There was marshmallow ,caramel and liquorice. A partner would be giving us the sweets and we would be guessing the sweet. We got 7 right out of 9 it was really  fun. My favourite sweet is definitely popping candy. The best part was that all of us had fun.It was really fast though and one of them no one liked but that  was one the best parts. I really wish we could do it again. The most thing that I liked was that we got to eat chocolate. Anyways I said thank you  to every body that helped do it. You should do it. So when we did everyone was in a good mood. It was probably  because of the chocolate.

We even saw which ones we liked and we liked most of them. Anja liked popping chocolate.

Which one do you like?


Blind sweet tasting.

 By Treyvaun and Jacob.

I  love sweet tasting.

I like rainbow strips and dark chocolate.

I  love wen I   put  the popping candy.

I like chocolate.

I   love the chocolate pudding.

It was  horrible!

I love chocolate cake.


Our adventure at  the Thackeray   Museum

 By Salem and Yas

Our favourite trip was when we went to the Thackeray Museum. We  went into a room it looked like a street from the   Victorian times. I was very sticky  and we felt disgusted.We saw a girl that worked at a factory and her foot got chopped off by a machine.

We were terrified. We smelt smells.We  pretended to be nurses ,soldiers or helpers. All of us went on a journey to a hospital.We was amused.


Go ape trip!

By hoorad and sosayt.

My favourite activity in year 2 was when we went on the go ape trip.

First a man put a wrist band on our wrist.

Then we went on the practice stage just to get our nervse away.

After that we went to stage1, but it was very low.

Then we went onto stage 2, and it was pretty scary, but we got the hang of it.

After that we went onto stage 3 and it was scary.





My favorite was when we first sang 3 wise men.My favorite was the part when we did a dance for the 3 wise men. 

My favorite part was when we were singing. My favorite part was when I sang in the choir.

By Dane.

School play.

In December we did our school play. I was a dancer.  It was fun.  We danced to three wise men.

I wore a clean, white and shiny dress.  On my head there was a piece of shimmering, glint on my beautiful hair.

by Tega.


M & S Chocolate!!

By Arsiema and Nathan

My   favourite    activity    in  year  2  was when  we  had  to  go to   M & S  because  it  was  marvelous.

We  saw  a  hen  ,  but  it  was  a  statue  of  a  hen.

We saw  clothes that were   pretty  which was cute.

I saw a green and red cars. There was a wall  that we can watch on and we can write on. We ate melting chocolate at the end. At the end  we were  really really  happy!


I met a creature!

by sienna and Arshaq

My favorite activity  in year 2 is when we had meet a creature.

My favorite creature was the tarantula  because it was very hairy  and frightened.

The Tortoise is very soft.

There was a man with the animals  and he took them out one by one. 

The slithering snake slithered up on our arm.

Then  the tortoise climbed up the mans back.

The slithering snake is  sliding  up my shoulder.

The chinchilla is so hairy it is climbing on my head and my shoulder .

How do snakes slither around?

The tortoise climbed up my arm and I felt scared.