Welcome to Year 3!


Mr Adamson is our teacher and we also have Sara and Miss Jowitt working with us. They are known throughout school as 'The Dream Team!'


 Just before Christmas we had a fabulous celebration day.  We had the challenge of making Stone Age axes, in teams, with no adult support.  All we had to fasten the wood to the stones with was string and felt ( which we were pretending was leather for the purpose of the task!) Very tricky!  We all named our axes. Here are some of the best: Blood Dripper, The Destroyer, Bone Cruncher and The Demon! There were four judges in the end: Mr Adamson, Sara, Chelsea and Miss Green. The final test was to hold the axes  up without the stone falling off.  The photos above include the proud winners, standing by the Smartboard, with their champion axes!



Our theme this term is Yabadabadoo! Anyone who grew up in the 70s and 80s will immediately recognise this and not be surprised that our theme is based around the Stone Age.

A read of our knowledge mat and curriculum letter below will give you a good idea of what we are doing.



This our knowledge mat and curriculum letter from the first half term.

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