Our team is Mrs Richmond, Miss Sellers and Mrs Coggan.


Summer 1 - Road Trip!

This half term, we are looking at the continents North and South America. We will kick start this theme with a rock 'n' roll dance, listening to different music from America and watching baseball. We will look at the countries that make up North and South America, and the key differences from a country in the America's and life in the UK. 

Home learning packs Year 5.

If you have to self-isolate, please click here for our home learning packs.

Take care and we cannot wait to see you back in class.

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Autumn 2 - Historical Navigators: Where Do We Come From?

This half term our focus is on the history of Leeds and where we come from.  We will be diving into some of the major historical events in the timeline of our city.   We will look at how the city has developed and how the lives of the people living here have changed over time.

Have a look at the timeline below for some of the major events in the history of Leeds.


These are our photographs from our Black History Month work.  Our aim was to raise awareness, promote diversity and #StopRacism


Autumn 1 - Home Sweet Habitat

This half term, we are looking at different habitats around the world - mainly focusing on the ocean.  We will kickstart this theme with a visit from a VR company where we will get to explore the depths of the ocean.  We will look at different biomes in geography and learn all about life cycles and animal reproduction in science.  In art, we will be exploring, researching, designing and creating Nigerian batik.

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