Year Five Blog


Welcome to year 5’s blog

Sustained writing

In year 5, we do sustained writing to get as much information as possible. We need to use VIP words and word of the day to get the reader’s attention.  We get dojos for word of the day/handwriting stamps.


For our themes we always have a book that is based on that half term like  : Nowhere Emporium, Who let the Gods out? , Elsewhere Emporium war horse .

Christian values

Every day, we have a question to ask us how we are feeling then we answer by writing on a poesticnote to tell the teacher.


Gonoodle , is a  website app where  a group of kids of different ages make songs and perform dances. Year 5 do it as a workout every day and to have fun.

Home work

Year 5,  do maths home work to get dojo’s but only for trying to do ever thing and bringing it in and doesn’t matter about your score. For spellings you are aiming to get 10/10.


 By Jayne and Julia