Who Let the Gods Out?

This half term we have focused on Ancient Greece looking at thee book 'Who Let the Gods Out?' alongside this.

We learnt about gods, the Olympics, kings and rulers, battles and wars and we had a trip to the Yorkshire Museum in York for an Ancient Greek workshop.

Have a look below to see what we've got up to this half term.



Launch Day

We were visited by Tempus Fugit.  We went back in time and visited an Ancient Greek actor from the theatre.  We had to help them perform their play.

Making Greek Vases


Celebration Day

We decorated our Greek vases.

We also tried traditional Greek food.  We tried olives, Greek yoghurt, feta cheese and pitta bread.

We also created an outfit for our own Greek gods and goddesses.  We had to give them a personality and special gift.  We then presented this to the rest of the class.