Who Let the Gods Out?

This half term we have focused on Ancient Greece looking at thee book 'Who Let the Gods Out?' alongside this.

We learnt about gods, the Olympics, kings and rulers, battles and wars and we had a trip to the Yorkshire Museum in York for an Ancient Greek workshop.

Have a look below to see what we've got up to this half term.



Launch Day

We started our theme by taking part in an Ancient Greek Olympic competition.  We got a medal at the end of it.

We then had to dress people up as Greek gods and goddesses using material only.

We finished the day by trying different Greek food such a pitta bread, feta cheese, olives and yoghurt.  Tonilson toasted the pitta breads for us and he had to be very careful so that he didn't burn his fingers.  We also realised that toasting is an irreversible change - linked to our science focus this half term.

The Yorkshire Museum - York




We all had a look at some Ancient Greek artefacts that we had on display in our classroom.  On big pieces of paper, we had to say what we thought they were, what we thought they were used for and whether we liked them or not.

At the end we all read what other people had put.  We had to find:

  • One thing that agreed with something I had written.
  • - One thing that someone had written that I hadn't thought of but I found interesting.


Celebration Day

We made Greek vases using paper mache, which we decorated later in the week.

We then had to use clay to make our own version of the Parthenon.