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Year 6 is always a tough year, but this year it feels even tougher.  What we need to remember, as we venture on throughout this year, is that no matter how difficult things become, God is there to support and love us - just as we are there to love and support one another.

Autumn 2 - Take a stand: challenge climate change


Mastery - Take a stand: challenge climate change

Autumn 1 - The Lost World

Black History Month

Take a look at our amazing photography.  This work is linked to the Black History Month #stop racism photography worldwide competition - what's the message?  Take a look at our images: can you work out the message that our children are trying to send to the world?

Launch Day

What a great start to our theme!  The Virtual Reality Team came into school and they were amazing.  See below to find out where we went and what we learnt about the  Ancient Maya.


Curriculum Letter - The Lost World


Mastery - The Lost World

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