Miss Green's Maths Group: 

Welcome to your Maths Home Learning Page.

Remember: Just do what you can and don't worry or get stressed about the work. Make sure that you have lots of breaks and time to relax. Look at the Home Learning Letter on the Class 6 page for other ideas and Maths websites.

Try not to worry. Keep safe and keep washing your hands ! Although we are not all together as a school for now, we can all stay in touch. You can keep in contact with friends on your phone and you can email the staff when you need to.

I will keep adding new things to the top of the page but remember that YOU are much more important than any Maths lesson.

You have worked incredibly hard and I am super-proud of all of you. The progress that you have made since September is amazing because you have worked so hard.

Take care, stay safe.

I'm sending lots of love to each of you and to your families and loved ones.

love Miss Green x

You can email me at: deputy@allsaints-pri.leeds.sch.uk

  Happy Easter everyone.

I hope you have a great Easter holiday. 

I know that this will be a very different holiday for us all but try to keep positive.

Doing exercise, varying your day, getting fresh air (safely) and trying to keep busy and active will help you to feel more positive.

Remember to talk to somebody if you are feeling stressed or unhappy.

You can still do any of the investigations, challenges and work if you want to but all the teachers are giving you some Learning Log project ideas for the Easter holiday too.

Can you do a brilliant Learning Log with a little bit of Maths in it ?

Of course you can ! There are some ideas below.

You can still email during the Easter holiday if you need to.

Lots of love to you and all your family. Take really good care of yourselves.

 Big love, Miss Green x

We’re still all in it together.

In a Learning Log you can write, list, draw, design – you can do anything you like.

Here are some ideas that you could choose from:

Biggest, Best Party Ever !

We can’t party at the moment but we can plan an amazing party with guest list, celebrity invitations, music playlists, invitation designs, food ideas, what you would wear, decorations, location of the party, room design, party theme, welcome banner, design little party favours (gifts) you would give out...

Bit of Maths in it: Look online or in a catalogue to find out the cost of some of the things you will need (or the total cost). Add up the total cost for different categories such as food or your outfit.  You can set a budget (spending limit) if you want to and see if you can stay within the budget you have set.  Make the prices up yourself if you can’t get online much. 

 Or ‘My Dream Job’

Outline your dream job, roles and responsibilities, what training or qualifications you would need, why you want this job, who your dream team of colleagues would be and what you would wear on your first day to make a good impression.

Bit of Maths in it: Look online to see what you might get paid for that job in a year. Work out how much money that would be per month. Work out the cost of your first day outfit by looking at clothes online or work out the cost of any equipment that you would need. You can set a budget (spending limit) if you want to and see if you can stay within the budget you have set.  Make the prices up yourself if you can’t get online much. 


Or Design ‘My perfect bedroom’ or ‘My home gym’

Bit of Maths in it: Look online to work out the total cost of what you have bought. Make the prices up yourself if you can’t get online much. 

Friday, 3rd April 2020

Well done to Bana who has solved ‘The Man’s Head’ challenge. Fantastic Bana- you are a superstar! You got it right first time. Super-proud of you ! Here’s your Trophy !

Thursday, 2nd April 2020

Good morning peeps. Keep moving, keep active, keep dancing...

Big happy birthday and big birthday love to Joseph for yesterday.

All the answer sheets are now at the bottom of this week’s work.  

Below is a quick and simple video challenge to go with your work this week. 

It’s called The Man’s Head.  It’s fine if you are just doing the investigations/challenges instead of all the work sheets. Email me your answer and you'll get a trophy on our web page.

I need telling off ! Somebody tell me off. I start nearly every sentence in the video with the word ‘So.’ Not good Miss Green.

Remember: Keep positive, keep talking, keep active, keep dancing - we’re all in it together.

Love Miss Green x

 The Man's Head challenge



Wednesday, 1st April 2020

Good morning peeps and happy April Fools’ Day ! (Try not to be too mean to your brothers and sisters though.) I was going to do an April Fools’ joke about the SATs… but I won’t.

Bana- you’re a rock star ! Well done to Bana for finally solving the difficult grid investigation from last week and for getting the answer to the flower investigation from this week! Fantastic perseverance Bana, you never gave up. Super-proud of you. Here are your 2 well deserved investigation trophies Bana…


Bana: For the challenging grid  / For the flower challenge

Porcia really persevered with the challenging grid investigation from last week and didn't give up- she got the answer. Fantastic Porcia ! Here's your trophy- well done, super-proud of you.

Porcia: For the challenging grid

 Answer sheets are being added to the bottom of this week’s work.  

Thank you for all the emails. It’s lovely to keep in touch and hear about what you are working on.

Remember: Keep positive - we’re all in it together.

Love Miss Green x


Tuesday, 31st March 2020

Good morning peeps.

Well done to Jayne and Porcia for persevering with the grid investigation from last week. Keep going !

I know some of you are finding it hard to email photos but, if you can, I’d love to see any Maths you’ve done in your book or a photo of you working. At the end of this week’s work section, I’ve started putting the answer sheets for this week- I’ll keep adding them. As promised, I’ve added a couple more farm photos below, I’ll add more another day. Still making me smile.

Remember- try to find positives in each day.

Keep emailing/texting/talking to each other- we’re all in it together.

Love Miss Green x


Monday, 30th March 2020

I hope that you had a lovely weekend including fun with your family.

Week 2 of Home Learning starts here.

I'm putting 5 Maths lessons, an easier investigation and a simple challenge for you to do this week.

Remember, you can email if you need help but don't worry about things you have forgotten or if you can't do something, just do what you can.

I will keep adding answer sheets underneath this week's work. 

Keep exercising and trying to get fresh air when you can

Love Miss Green x 

Week beginning 30th March 2020

Roman Numerals

Revising Averages 1 (Simple averages)

Revising Percentages of amounts 

Word Problems (Area, Perimeter, Volume)

Big Maths (Test 12)

 A simple challenge: Petal Sequence

So this took a long time to record because I had to keep starting again because a friend from my childhood kept deliberately interrupting and shouting over the fence ! I would like to say he's a very silly (but lovely) boy but he's actually now a 51 year old man !

It's not a difficult challenge but be careful with the adding because if any of your additions are wrong, you won't get the right answer of course.


Reach 1000 Investigation (Simple) 

Answers for week beginning 30.03.20

Answers: Revising Averages (simple Averages)

ANSWERS: Word Problems (Area, Perim, Vol)

ANSWERS: Roman Numerals

ANSWERS: Revising Percentages of amounts

ANSWERS: Big Maths (Test 12)

Friday 27th March 2020

I hope that you managed to join in with the lovely 'big clap' last night. 

Today is the last day that you will be using your packs.Do one more piece from the pack today or scroll down for investigations and other activities. You might still have a couple of Big Maths tasks left but you can do them any time you like.

You have done a week of Home Learning - well done everybody.  It's been lovely to hear from you by email. I hope you managed to go outside safely and be in the sun sometimes over the last couple of days. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend- try to relax as much as possible. 

I thought I'd put a couple of photographs of our farm visit on here- thinking about it still makes me smile and I hope it makes you smile too. I'll add some more next week. 

Love Miss Green x



Thursday 26th March 2020

Well done if you are still using the 7 Maths Lessons in your pack in this first

week of Home Learning. All the answer sheets are on this page now for you to use.

There are also two extra activities on this page to try-

Number Grid Investigation and Numbers from art.


You can also look below for KS2 Bitesize Maths including the game

'Guardians: Defenders of  Mathematica.' 

Just keep trying your best and remember to vary your day and do some exercise. Look at the Home Learning Letter you were given and try something off that. You might even find a new hobby.

love Miss Green x


Wednesday 25th March 2020

I know that you are still working on the pack- well done. Keep trying peeps. 

Here's a reminder of what you can be doing:

  • Data Handling
  • Investigation: Wonky Clocks
  • Money: Coins to use
  • Money Reasoning
  • Big Maths 9, 10, 11
  • Maths Websites
  • Number Grid Investigation (below)

The answer sheets are at the bottom of the page.

Here are the answer sheets for the final two:

Answers: Money Reasoning

Answers: Data handling





 Tuesday 24th March 2020

First of all- oooops- there is a mistake on the Money Coins work. If you spot the mistakes in Q1 just use more of the boxes. I’ve corrected the sheet and put it back on this web page – at the bottom of the page.  Well done to Jayne who was working on it and realised there was a problem. I've put the answers at the bottom of the page for ‘Money: Coins to use.’

Jayne, Bana, Porcia, John and Joseph- Well done for keeping in contact when you need to.  Great to hear from you. Keep organising your day so that you are busy and still have breaks.

Big love and big well done if you are trying to do any of the work given. Thanks for all the emails- it’s lovely to keep in touch with you. Love Miss Green x

So today you can:

  • Do another piece of work from your pack. I’ll keep putting the answers at the bottom of the page with the ‘pack’ work.
  • Try the Number Grid Investigation below.
  • Do a Big Maths (if you like)- you don’t need to wait for Friday.
  • Go on KS2 Bitesize Maths revision and do some of the games below if you can get online. 

KS2 Bitesize Revision

Any of these would be great:

  • Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica
  • Find the start time
  • Adding Time
  • Capacity Countdown
  • Mostly postie
  • Using a calendar
  • Reading scales
  • Reading scales: Mass

 Monday 23rd March 2020

Here we go- Monday !

Well done Bana, John, Joseph and Jayne for making sure that they can email- it has been lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the 'tea cup cat' Bana- super cute.  

For Maths today, you can do the number picture work below or something from your pack. There is a list below of the things in your pack -you can access them here on the website or use the paper copies I gave you.

You can also look at the Maths websites on your Home Learning letter that Mrs Ingham gave you. If you want to request something for our Maths page you can email me. I'll be putting up the answers to the work. The answers for Big Maths tests are below and the investigation answer is already on the work on Page 2.

It's your first day in this new way of working - keep busy and have breaks and a bit of exercise too. Have some time to reflect and think about how you are feeling - keep talking to people to help you if you are feeling worried about anything. Email anytime you want to. Have a good day. Love MG x 


Create numbers from this number art and use the numbers to...

  • Create and solve averages: Mean, Mode, Median and Range.
  • Create and solve algebraic equations that work.
  • Create and solve a long multiplication with decimal points using the decimal multiplying rules.
  • Create and solve a mixed number addition calculation.
  • Create and solve a mixed number subtraction calculation.
  • Create a mixed number that is closer to 87 than it is to 88.


These things are already in your pack:

Data Handling 1.

Investigation: Wonky Clocks  This is challenging. Have a go. Answers are on Page 2.  

Money Reasoning

Money Coins to use (Corrected)

Money Coins to use (Answers)

Big Maths (Number 9)

Big Maths (Number 10)

Big Maths (Number 11)

Big Maths Answers (for Number 9, 10, 11)