Nursery Home Learning

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Home Learning page for Nursery class.

This is where you will be able to find activities and links to ideas for Home Learning during school closures.

Please also log into Tapestry regularly as this is a great place for us to share information. You can also add your own photos and videos of the things your children have been doing at home. We would really love to hear from you and see your updates during the closure.


Please check your emails regularly.


You can email Andrea and Natasha directly via and this will be checked every week day during school term time.


Thank you and take care.

The Nursery Team



Messages and activities for the week commencing Monday 30th March 2020

Hello everyone!

We hope you are all staying safe and have everything you need at home. Andrea, Natasha, Emma and Claire miss you all very much and we have been thinking of some fun activities to keep you busy this week. Please send us any photos/videos/messages via Tapestry or our email

We'd love to see your teddy bears, rainbows, dens and anything else you do this week.
Try hard to be superstars for your grown ups this week - it would make us all very proud.

Love and prayers to you all - The Nursery Team

PS - Please see the PLAY DOUGH recipe above (cream of tartar is NOT essential - it just makes the dough last longer). You can join in with Dough Disco sessions here: Spread the Happiness TV Dough Disco

Chat of the week:

 Do you have a favourite teddy bear (or cuddly toy)? 
- What does it look like? What colour is it? Does it have a name? How does it feel? Why is your teddy special to you?

Talk to your grown up about their favourite teddy bear/toy when they were a child.



Story Time:

We would like you to read 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt animated story

Bear Hunt Word mat to help you chat about the story

 Can you tap out/clap the rhythm to the story?

Maybe you could build a cave/den for you and your favourite teddy.

Could you have a teddy bear's picnic at home? Maybe even make a packed lunch with your grown up.

Phase 1 phonics:

 Please follow the prompts on the 'Animal Noises' sheet and have a go at singing Old MacDonald.

Animal Noises - Old MacDonald

Animal Noises



Mark Making:

 Can you draw a map of the Bear Hunt?

Could you draw a wiggly path through the grass, the mud, the forest or into the bear's cave?

Can you draw a bear (and cut it out)?

Bear Hunt pencil control sheets  



 Try this teddy bear 'Numbers to 10' activity:

Teddy Bear Numbers

Count your teddies/toys.

Shape and space:

 Can you put your teddy:

on/under/behind/in front of another object? 



Art and craft

Lots of children across the world have been making rainbow pictures to put in their windows to make people smile. Could you draw/paint/make a rainbow too? 




Try Cosmic Yoga's We're Going on a Bear Hunt:

Bear Hunt Yoga

A game of hide and seek with your teddy bear would be fun too.



Activities for the week commencing Monday 23rd March 2020.

Chat of the week:
The weather!

Can you look out of the window and describe the weather?
- Can you see any clouds in the sky?
- Is it sunny/rainy/windy - how do you know? What can you see? 

Here are some weather pictures you could talk about too:

Weather photos


Story Time:

We would like you to read the story of the Gingerbread Man. We have included some versions of the story in a few different formats below:

The Gingerbread Man powerpoint

Gingerbread Man read aloud

Word Mat to help you chat about the story


Phase 1 phonics:

Play the Sofa Sounds game below if you can:

Sofa Sounds game

Listen for different sounds around the house. Can you hear someone in another room? The vacuum cleaner? Is someone running water? Listen carefully and notice these sounds.

Mark making:
We would love to see some pictures/drawings of a Gingerbread person!

Encourage your child to draw one. You could draw the outline and let your child add the eyes, mouth, buttons etc and colour it.

You could upload photos of your child's drawing to Tapestry or email us a photo of it if you can.


 Try these Gingerbread Man maths games:



Talk to your child about squares, circles, triangles and rectangles. See if you can find any of these shapes at home. Count the sides and corners together.

You could play the Shape Monsters game below:



Joe Wicks will be doing a daily 30 mins PE lesson on YouTube Mon-Fri.

Check it out here:


Have a go at doing the Banana Banana Meatball dance on Go Noodle: