Nursery Home Learning

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Home Learning page for Nursery class.

This is where you will be able to find activities and links to ideas for Home Learning during school closures.

Please also log into Tapestry regularly as this is a great place for us to share information. You can also add your own photos and videos of the things your children have been doing at home. We would really love to hear from you and see your updates during the closure.


Please check your emails regularly.


You can email Andrea and Natasha directly via and this will be checked every week day during school term time.


Thank you and take care.

The Nursery Team



Messages and activities for the week commencing Monday 18th May 2020

Welcome back to the Nursery Home Learning page.

We contacted you all by telephone/email last week to talk about a possible return to Nursery.

We are all working hard to make the necessary plans so

please continue to check this page and your emails for important announcements and information.

Thank you.

This week, our book is 'Norman - The Slug with the Silly Shell' by Sue Hendra.

We hope you enjoy the story (we think Norman has some amazing ideas!) and please have a try at some of our activities below.

We will be in touch again soon.

Love and warmest wishes from The Nursery Team

Story Time:

Norman - The Slug with the Silly Shell book Read Aloud 

Chat of the Week:

Why do you think Norman wanted to be a snail?

Can you think of any other things he could have used for a shell?

I wonder if Norman could use other things to help him travel really fast on the ground or on water. Do you have any ideas for Norman to try?

Tell your grownup all about your ideas and ask them if they have any ideas too.


Phase 1 Phonics:

What's behind the door? game


Mark Making:

 Please continue to practise writing your name.

Letter formation sheet

Slugs and snails information 

Look at the information then try to draw your own slugs and snails.


 Grown ups - draw 1 snail/slug/minibeast and ask your child to draw 1 more. How many are there altogether?

Repeat this activity with 2 or 3 snails/slugs/minibeasts. Can your child count them? 

Arts,crafts and sensory play:

Create your own snails using things from nature:

Create snails and slugs from play dough:

Make some jelly 'slug slime':

Movement and exercise:

Shake our sillies out dance

This is a favourite Nursery song/dance. Give it a go together and get moving!

Have fun and stay safe!


Messages and activities for the week commencing Monday 11th May 2020

Hello everyone!

This week we will be using the book 'What the Ladybird Heard', By Julia Donaldson, to help us with our learning.

We hope you enjoy the activities and are managing to get outside for some fresh air every day.

Please drop us a line on Tapestry or via email.

Love and best wishes from The Nursery Team

Story Time:

What the Ladybird Heard Story Read Aloud

Can you make the animal noises too?

Chat of the Week:

What animals do you like?

Tell your grown up all about your favourite animal.

What colour is it? Where does it live? What does it eat? How does it move?

Phase 1 Phonics:

 Use this picture mat to play 2 games: Picture Mat

 Listening game: look at the picture mat. Take turns with your grown up to make an animal noise. Can they guess the animal?

Memory game: look at the picture mat. Take turns with your grown up to hide one of the pictures (use your hand or an object to cover it). Can they guess which picture you're hiding?

Mark Making:

Please continue to help your child to write their name.

Can you trace the shape of a ladybird onto your hand? It tickles but it's fun!


Try the counting/matching/ordering games here:

 Counting Ladybird Spots


Shape, Space and Measure:

Try this Shape Monsters game:

Shape Monsters Game

Art and Craft:

Have a go at creating a ladybird. Here are some ideas:

Understanding the World:

 When you are outside, keep a lookout for any living creatures.

Birds, ladybirds, butterflies, bees, ants, worms, woodlice etc.

Can you see any plants, trees or flowers? What do they look like in spring time?

Movement and exercise:

 Have a go at this yoga activity. It is a bit long so maybe attempt it over a few days.

Cosmic Kids - Bugs Yoga


Messages and activities for the week commencing Monday 4th May 2020

Welcome to another week of home learning.

This week, our focus story is 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson. Most children will have already read or seen this book at Nursery.

Some of you will be feeling more settled now as the lock down continues but others may be struggling with various things. These are indeed very strange times.

Please remember that the activities we suggest are just ideas. You may not have the time, space or equipment to complete them all. That's fine. Just follow your child's interests, keep talking and have fun.

Being at home with children can be challenging and we understand this. Please reach out to us if we can offer any help. Remember, you are all part of the All Saints' Family.

Take care of each other - love from The Nursery Team

Story Time:

Superworm Story Read Aloud

Wiggly Woo (Makaton sing along)


 Chat of the week:

Have you ever seen a worm?

Do you like them? Why/why not?

Have you ever held a worm? What did it feel like?

Have a look at these fact cards and talk to your child about them: Worm Fact Cards.pdf

Phase 1 Phonics:

 Could you play a game of I Spy?

You can use this sheet of pictures ( I Spy Pictures) or spot things around the home.

This is how you play the game:

Grown up: I spy with my little elephant.

Child: has to find the elephant. Then, it's their turn.

To make this harder (for older children), you could say: I spy with my little eye something beginning with....e (the sound NOT the letter name Guide to Sounds).

Your child has to try to find an object that starts with that sound.

Mark Making:

Please practise writing your child's name with them.

Could you draw a wiggly path for a worm to follow?

How about drawing a picture of Superworm or another mini beast from the story?

Maybe you could invent and draw your own mini beast super hero.


Counting to 10 practise. Ask your child to count household items (socks, toys, coins etc).

If you have access to a garden or outside space (even on your daily walk/exercise), you could do a mini beast hunt. Write down what you find. Count how many things you find.

Feeling brave? You could make your own worms using a small amount of cooked spaghetti. Supervise your child as they use scissors (every child was given a pair by us) to cut the 'worms' into long/short pieces (shape, space and measure). Count the worms. Ask your child to give you 2/5/8 worms etc.

Shape, Space and Measure:


We would like your child to compare the length of objects.

Have a look at this activity: Ordering worm lengths

Can your child say which is the longest and shortest? How do they know? 

You could do this type activity with any household objects.


Art, craft and food:

 Could you make a worm sock puppet?


 You could make some play dough worms and mini beasts.

How about making some jelly worms (pouring jelly into straws)?

Understanding the world:


Movement and exercise:

Any activities that increase the heart rate are great.

Could you do a 'keep fit' video together at home? 

Children could listen to some music and do activities 'on the spot' for the duration. Run/jump/hop/star jump/jog etc.


Messages and activities for the week commencing Monday 27th April 2020

Welcome back - can you believe it's almost May? 

We hope you are all keeping safe and well at home and following the Government's advice.

We are now looking at Nursery applications for September 2020 so, if you know anyone who would like a place for their child, please pass on our contact details so we can ensure they receive a place. Thank you.

Take care of each other and please drop us a line if you need any help.

Lots of love and best wishes from The Nursery Team 

Story Time:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Animated Tale

The Very Hungry Caterpillar read by the author Eric Carle

You may have this book at home - if so, you can read it to your child. Ask them to join in reading the parts they already know (we have read this book at Nursery too so they may surprise you with what they can remember!).


Chat of the Week:

 What foods do you like to eat? Which foods from the book have you tried? Are there any you don't like?

Do you have a favourite fruit? Talk about the colour and taste.

Phase 1 Phonics:

 Have a go at this rhyming activity: Rhyming Words Activity

Rhyming can be tricky for children so don't worry if they cannot master it yet.
Come back to it again.

Mark Making:

 Please practise/have a go at writing your child's name with them.

Here is a letter formation sheet to help: Letter formation sheet

We teach children phonics/sounds rather than letter names. Here is a guide to all of the basic sounds and how to say them: Guide to Sounds

We would also love to see drawings of caterpillars, butterflies and your favourite foods!


 Counting along with the story using fingers would be great.

Can you count some of the food items you have? (to 10)

Can you count out a given number of food items (e.g. Can you give me 2 bananas?)

Shape, Space & Measure

 Can you learn the days of the week?

Here's a song to help:
Days of the Week Song (words)

Days of the Week Song (Music)

You could also complete a pattern activity like this one (you could draw one if you can't print):

Caterpillar Pattern Sheet

Art and Craft

 Can you create some caterpillar or butterfly art?


 Maybe you could use some play dough / salt dough to make a caterpillar too.

Movement and Exercise:

 Can you spot any butterflies or caterpillars on your daily walk?

Can you move like a minibeast? Here are some action cards and some music to help:

Move Like a Minibeast Actions

Movement Music

Have fun and stay safe!


Activities for the week commencing Monday 20th April 2020

 A very warm welcome back to our Nursery Home Learning page!

We managed to speak to lots of you on the telephone during the Easter break which was lovely. We may try to call you again. If you would like to request a phone call please just drop us a line on Tapestry or by email to:

This week our focus story is Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. Your child may already be familiar with Elmer as we have some books in Nursery. We hope you enjoy the activities and we would love to hear from you and see photos of anything you are doing at home.

School places for children starting Reception class in September 2020 have been allocated and you should have received an email or letter to tell you which school your child will be attending. Please let us know if you have any questions or queries.

Lots of love from The Nursery Team

Factory behind new Elmer the Patchwork Elephant series Prolific North

Story Time:

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

Listen to the story with your child (this version is read by the author David McKee).

What colour is Elmer? Point out the colours you can see. Ask your child to point to Elmer's yellow/blue/green patches. 

Talk about the clothes you are wearing. Do any of your colours match Elmer?

Chat of the Week:

Why is Elmer different to other elephants?

What makes you different and special?

Have a look in a mirror - how are you different from your mum/dad/brother/sister/friend? 


Phase 1 Phonics:

 Have a go at some of these activities:

Home Learning Challenge Sheet

Mark Making:

Can you draw and and colour a rainbow?

Can you write your name in rainbow colours?



 Look at a picture of Elmer. Can you count all of his blue/yellow/pink patches?

Can you learn this elephant counting song? Elephant song

How about trying a colour by number activity? Elmer Colour by Number

Shape and Space:

Make an Elmer the Elephant model with multi-link by - UK Teaching ...

 Can you make an Elmer shape using coloured bricks using lego/megablocks etc?

 Art and Craft:

 Create/draw your very own Elmer in any way you can. Here are some examples but use what you have at home.

Milk Bottle Elmer Elephant - Picniq Blog

Elmer's Day Parade | Elementary art, Kindergarten art ...

If you like baking (and have ingredients - which is tricky right now) you could try to make some colourful cupcakes. 


 Can you walk around like an elephant? Lift your trunk up high and down low. Can you stomp your feet and make your body big and wide?

Dough Disco: Spread the Happiness TV Dough Disco