Reception Home Learning

I will update this page every few days with activities and resources for your home learning. Please do not worry if there is anything you cannot do. I would love to see some of the things you have been doing on Tapestry, if you can.
Please email me with any questions -
I will check this each morning. Thank you for your support - Miss Turver.

Stay safe, look after each other, and we look forward to seeing you when school reopens. We hope that one of the children's favourite songs sends you a comforting message:
Sending love to you all - Miss Turver, Miss Cooke, Miss Pugh and Miss Westerman.

We know this is a difficult time but we hope some of these ideas will help you to find some fun ways to spend your time at home. 

Easter Holidays!

Happy holidays everybody! Well done for all your hard work so far. Make sure you have some time to relax now. Wishing you a very happy Easter, if you are celebrating. Keep looking after your families and having fun. Here are some holiday activities for if you find yourselves getting bored...
Lots of love everybody, stay safe x

Spend some time on your learning log...


If can get hold of the ingredients, you could have a go at making some Easter treats...
(You can use any type of cereal!)

Draw, paint or create a picture to brighten up the Nightingale hospitals. The brighter and more colourful the better! Take a photo of the picture (just the picture, not you holding it) and email it to me. Then I can send it to them :)


Have an Easter egg hunt! Ask your grown up to hide eggs (draw the eggs if you don't have any!) around your house and see how many you can collect. Your grown up could think of some clues to help you. Swap over - now you can hide the eggs and give your grown ups some clues!

Make an Easter card for your family, or for a friend. If you email me a picture or put one on Tapestry - I can show it to your friend for you!


Have a look at how Toby celebrates Easter...


Watch this version of the Easter story and talk about it with your family...

-Is it a sad story? A happy story? Both?
-Which is your favourite part of the story? Why?
-How does the story make you feel?
-Why is the story important?


It's Spring! Plants are growing and flowers are blooming. Can you spot any flowers on your daily walk or in your garden or out your window? Draw, create or paint a picture of them. Research with your grown up how plants grow...





Week 2
Well done everyone for surviving your first week of home learning (parents included!) I've enjoyed hearing from some of you to see what you have been up to. Please keep emailing me or adding to Tapestry! Here are some more activities for you, keep up the good work. Hope you are all well and staying safe. I am missing you all but sending you love x


It would be great if you could keep up with the Read Write Inc daily speed sounds (set 2) each day:

There are some other fun phonics lessons here:

Here are some reading activities you could try...

  • Write out the tricky words (he, she, said, you, they, was, me, my), hide them around your house and then ask your child to find them. Then swap over!
  •  Read out some digraphs, (two letters, one sound) - sh, ck, ch, th, qu, nk, ng, ee, ay, igh, ow, oo, ou, air, ar. Can your child think of a word with that sound and write it down? How many can you get? 
  • Have a look around your house. Write down some of the obejcts you can see? Can you underline any digraphs (two letters, one sound)?
  • Look in books, newspapers, print. Can you find any tricky words? Which one did you spot the most times?
  • See if you can write some captions for the pictures below...
  • See if you can read the captions and then draw pictures to match.




  • Can you set up a snack shop at your home?
    Give your child £1 a day to spend on snacks (not including breakfast/lunch/dinner). Price up the snacks that you have. Eg. juice 10p, biscuit 30p, crisps 40p.
    This will help to teach your children the value of money and will help with recognising the coins and adding amounts.
    If you don't have coins, draw some/make some!
  • Have a look on White Rose Maths Hub... there is a new challenge each day!
  • Watch the numberblocks video to help you remember how to double... 
  • Then have a go at the doubles dominoes... 
  • And there are some more doubles challenges here...
  • Writing
    Could you use the storyboards below to help you make up your own story?
  • Or could you write a letter to your friend that you miss at school? If you send me pictures I will put it on their Tapestry page for them to have a look at!

Spring has sprung!

Look out your window, in your garden or out and about when you go for your daily exercise. How can we tell it is Spring? Make a list, take pictures, draw pictures of what you find!


Making music...

  • Could you try making a musical instrument with objects in your house? 
    How will you make it? What sound does it make? Can you make a loud sound? A quiet sound? Can you play a song? Can you create your own song? Create a band with your family. I would love to see home videos...


Leeds Rhinos

Try a fun training video from Leeds Rhinos to keep you active... 

Julia Donaldson... 

Have a look here for Julia' Donaldson and friends weekly installment...








Week 1

It would be great if your child could participate in a free phonics lesson each day.
We are focussing on Set 2 speed sounds in Reception.

It would also be great if you could have a go at reading one of the books on Oxford Owl.
It is free for you to make an account and you can then access the free eBooks.
Ask them to look out for 'tricky words' (words that cannot be sounded out) and 'special friends' (sounds with 2 letters).

-It would be great if you could have a go at one of these one more/one less or 3D shape activities each day.

 -This learning clip will help your children to think about 3D shapes:

-This maths investigation will really get your children thinking about shape, space and measure.


There are lots your child can do with the pictures below...
Talk about the question together, write a sentence about it, write a story about it.

Ask them to follow our writing structure: build your sentence, say it (lots of times!), count the words, write it, check it.
If your child is used to using them, encourage them to add finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.
If your child is writing a story, encourage them to use key narrative words: once upon a time/one day/one night, first, next, then, after, finally, happily ever after.


Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, is livestreaming free PE lessons at 9am Monday-Friday on his YouTube channel.
Take a look:
It is vital that your children exercise in the weeks off.













Resources to help with at home learning:

 Phonics resources

Here are some phonics resources you can use.
It would be great if you could practise the sounds, tricky words and reading and writing the decodable words.

 Green words, 2.pdfDownload
 Green words.pdfDownload
 Handwriting rhymes.pdfDownload
 Sound mat, 2.pdfDownload
 Sound mats.pdfDownload
 Tricky words, 2.pdfDownload
 Tricky words.pdfDownload
Showing 1-7 of 7
 100 square.pdfDownload
 2D shape mat.pdfDownload
 3D shape mat.pdfDownload
 Capacity word mat.pdfDownload
 Coin mat.pdfDownload
 Days of the week and months of the year word mat.pdfDownload
 Dice template.pdfDownload
 Number formation.pdfDownload
 Number track.pdfDownload
 Positional language cards.pdfDownload
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Talking pictures: talking is the most important part of literacy!
Find a picture that your child likes the look of on this website:
If you click on the picture, there are some questions underneath it.
Talk about it together. Discuss some of the questions, ask your own questions, or create a story about the picture.
The children get really excited when we do this at school. It is fantastic for their vocabulary, imagination and understanding. There are so many possibilities...








Other activities

  • Our children love the Go Noodle, Koo Koo Kangaroo and Just Dance that are all available on YouTube. They are fun and great exercise!
  • Look out for signs of Spring outside. Have a look at this video:
  • Learn about animals that live in hot/cold countries. There are videos on: 
  • Celebrate an upcoming festival: Easter, Ramadhan, Vaisakhi, Eid-al-Fitr. Let’s Celebrate have some great videos!:
  • There are lots of interesting and educational videos that your child can choose from on:
  • Make, make, make: Make a model out of junk boxes, paint or draw a picture of what is outside your window.
  • Practise using scissors: cut circles, triangles, rectangles, wiggly lines, zig-zags.
  • Get your children to help you cook meals, wash up, do chores around the house!
  • Act out your favourite story or a made-up story together.
  • Listen to lots of different music styles, e.g. rock, pop, classical, country and hip-hop. Sing along and create dances.
  • Try this spell your name PE, you could then try it with other words, like their favourite colour/fruit/toy.
  • If you do happen to be able to get outside, have a go at this Scavenger hunt! 


  • Take part in the Window Wonderland challenge.