Y6 Literacy Group Home Learning

Welcome to the Year 6 Literacy Group home learning page  I will keep updating this page with new work at the top.


Remember that you are more important than any of the work  Keep washing your hands  Keep safe and well. Make sure you have plenty of breaks  


Please don’t worry if there is something you can’t do.


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Mrs Saville.



W/C: 30.03.20

I hope you have all had a great weekend and managed to get some rest and lots of fresh air. Remember to just do the work you can. If you would like to email me some of the work you have done, I'd be very pleased to see it: senco@allsaints-pri.leeds.sch.uk


This week in Literacy we will be learning about direct speech. Direct speech is something that someone says. We have learnt about it before and we called it dialogue. In this week's work, you will be asked to identify and use direct speech. Direct speech has inverted commas around it to show those are the words someone says. For example:


"Lets have a race," said Emily.


Notice how the word race has a comma after it, before the inverted commas to end the speech? This is to show expression. It can be replaced with an exclamation mark (!) or a question mark (?). A full stop only comes at the end of the whole sentence.


You might also see direct speech written like this:


Emily said, "Lets have a race." 


In this example, the words Emily said are at the start. This means that the end of the sentence is after the word race, which is why there is a full stop before the final inverted commas.


Monday Handwriting.

Monday Spellings.

Monday Literacy.

Tuesday Reading Text

Tuesday Reading Questions

Tuesday Literacy - Direct Speech 1

Tuesday Literacy - Direct Speech 2

Wednesday Reading Text

Wednesday Reading Questions

Wednesday Literacy - Direct Speech 3

Wednesday - Direct Speech 4

Thursday Reading Comprehension - London Marathon

Thursday Literacy - Direct Speech 5

Thursday Literacy - Direct Speech 6

Friday - Writing Activities.


W/C 23.03.20.

Monday Handwriting.

Monday Spelling.

Monday Literacy.


Tuesday Reading - Dream Holiday Text.

Tuesday Reading - Dream Holiday Section 1 Questions.

Tuesday Literacy - Identifying Adjectives.


Wednesday Reading - Dream Holiday Section 2 Questions.

Wednesday Literacy - Identifying Adjectives.

Wednesday Literacy - Adjective Alphabet.


Thursday Reading Comprehension - Garden Birds.

Thursday Literacy - Adjectives.


Friday Writing:

Look at this picture from Pobble 365. Write a description to go with the picture. Use adjectives like you have been practicing.


Think about:


Where are they?

Where are they going?

Why are they going?

Who are they?

What can they see?

What can they hear?

How do they feel?

What is the temperature? How do you know the temperature is like that?

What might be in front of the group?

What might they have already seen or heard before they got to this point?