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Welcome to the Year 6 Literacy Group home learning page  I will keep updating this page with new work at the top.


Remember that you are more important than any of the work  Keep washing your hands  Keep safe and well. Make sure you have plenty of breaks  


Please don’t worry if there is something you can’t do.


You can email me finished work, or just to say hello, on senco@allsaints-pri.leeds.sch.uk 


I check this email address every day and will always reply if you email me.


Mrs Saville.


Week 13: W/C: 06.07.20

Can you believe it's week 13 of home learning/schools being open/schools being closed? Yep, I don't know what to call these last 13 weeks either! But I do know it's almost time for summer!


From now on, I won't be putting anything else on this page. Everything that is up will stay up for a while, so if there is an activity you want to do, you can. 


Some of you will have had your last days at our school now, and some of you will be having them this week. 


We will have said goodbye in person, but...


...although I am sad that you have left, I am happy you're moving on to a new chapter in your lives. I know it's weird and frightening for some of you, especially this year, but try not to worry. I am sure secondary school will be great and you'll love it!


If you are worried though, please talk to someone.


You can also keep emailing me:




I am so glad to have known you all and I will never forget any of you or the rest of your class. We've got some great memories together from this year and years gone by.


I'm proud of you all and I wish you all the absolute, very best for your future. Keep being the amazing, wonderful, kind and clever people you are!



Lots and LOTS of love,

Mrs Saville.

Week 12: W/C 29.06.20

Hi everyone!


Because most of you are in school now, this week and from now on is going to be slightly different. Instead of setting you new work to do, I would like you to finish off any work you've started and to do any work you haven't done yet.


All of the work I have set you since March will stay here on this page. Just click the links to access it. 


If you could email me some of your work, that would be great. My email address is senco@allsaints-pri.leeds.sch.uk


You can also try the work from the Year 6 Home Learning Page.


Keep safe and well,

Lots of love,

Mrs Saville.

Week 11: W/C: 22.06.20

Hi everyone! It’s a brand new week! I hope you had a great week and weekend and are ready to go again.


Some of you have been asking me about visiting your new secondary schools. Please look at this link for more information:



Some of you are back at school this week. If you are, you don’t need to do this work. I’d like anyone doing this work to send me it via email: senco@allsaints-pri.leeds.sch.uk


Monday Handwriting

Monday Spelling

Monday Grammar Hammer

Monday Grammar Hammer Answers


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


It’s Recycle Now Week!

Click the logo to read about Recycle Now Week.

I’d like you to have a go at these 4 activities throughout the week.


Activity 1:

Have a go at this reading comprehension.


Activity 2:

Have a socially distant scavenger hunt for these recycling symbols.


Activity 3:

Click the image to watch this video.


It is about recycling in America, but it is the same as in England.


Explain what happens to our recycling after it is collected.

Write about:

  • What do recycling plants look like?
  • What kinds of things go to recycling plants?
  • How is recycling sorted out?
  • How many different kinds of materials can be sorted out?
  • What happens after the materials are sorted out?
  • What do people who buy recycled materials do with them?
  • Why is it better to use recycled materials?
  • How much can you make from recycled materials?
  • What are some issues with recycling?
  • Why do some people not recycle?
  • How are people encouraged to recycle?


Activity 4:

Make a poster to put up in school and on the website to encourage people to recycle.


Send photos or videos of your work to me on




Keep safe and well!


Lots of love,

Mrs Saville.


Week 10: W/C: 15.06.20


Hi everyone!

I hope you had a good week and weekend and you’re still keeping safe and healthy and getting plenty of fresh air. Keep washing your hands! I hope those of you who have been in school have enjoyed it.


Your work for this week is below. Please remember to email me if you need anything or to show me your work:



This week is Nature Photography Week.

You do not need to have the latest camera or phone to take great photographs. Any camera or phone with a camera will do!

This week I would like you to have a go at these activities.


Activity 1:

Go for a walk near where you live. You could go to the park, Temple Newsam, Roundhay Park, or anywhere you like. Even sit in your garden! Remember to stay 2m (at least) away from people who do not live with you. Take some photographs of nature while you are out. You could photograph trees, flowers, puddles (there are plenty of those at the minute!) lakes, insects, birds, animals or anything else that you think is beautiful. Email your photos, along with a short description of what it is and where you found it, and I will upload them to school’s website.


Activity 2:

Write a news story based on one or more of these pictures. If you prefer, you can use your own ideas.


News story pictures.


Use a phone or camera to record yourself reading it out like a proper newsreader.


Activity 3:

Have a go at this photography challenge!


Activity 4:

The Curious Parrot.


Activity 5:

Grammar Hammer Questions.

Grammar Hammer Answers.




Send me amazing examples of your work.


I can't wait to see what you come up with!




Keep safe, keep well, keep exercising, and...KEEP HAPPY!

Lots of love,

Mrs Saville.

Week 9: W/C: 08.06.20

I hope you all had a great weekend and are keeping safe and well. Some of you will have been back in school - I hope you're having a good time. I am still working from home but I am here for you if you need anything.

Remember to email me on




to send me your work or if you need help.

Your work for this week is here:


Monday Handwriting.
Monday Spelling.
Monday Grammar Hammer.
Monday Grammar Hammer Answers


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

This week is National Food Safety Week!


I would like you to have a go at these activities and send me any work you do.


Click the image below to watch a video about keeping safe when preparing and cooking food.

Activity 1:


Can you use the recipes or your own ideas to safely make some food? You could even film yourself cooking and send it to me - I will put some of them on the website if you want me to. I can't wait to see what you make!


Click an image for a recipe. 


Activity 2:

This PowerPoint is about healthy eating.

Read the information and create a poster on healthy eating.

Send me your posters and I will put them on the website.

Activity 3:

This information is about the digestive system and how your body works with the food you eat.


Read the information and answer the questions.

Activity 4:

Now you have read and watched all the information, can you create your own information text about food safety, healthy eating and / or our digestive system?


You can write it, draw it, type it or read it and film it.


However you want to do it is up to you.


Send me amazing examples of your work.


I can't wait to see what you come up with!




Keep safe, keep well, keep exercising, and...KEEP HAPPY!

Lots of love,

Mrs Saville.

Week 8 WC: 01.06.20


Welcome to Summer 2, the last half term of this school year! I hope you all had a great break and got lots of exercise and fresh air and stayed safe and well.


This half term may be a little different as some of you might be coming to school. If you are, you don't have to do the work on this page. If you're not coming to school, I'd like you to have a go at this work, like you have been doing all along.


Remember, you can contact me at any time on



I would love to hear from you and see what you've been doing.


Here's your work for this week:


Monday Handwriting

Monday Spelling

Monday Grammar Hammer

Monday Grammar Hammer Answers


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

World Environment Day!

Friday is World Environment Day.

Click the logo to find out more:




A main concern for the environment is air pollution.


This PowerPoint will tell you more about air pollution.


This week, I would like you to have a go at these activities.


Activity 1:

Use books, tablets and anything else available to you to research how other countries deal with air pollution. Try to answer these questions. Record your findings in your exercise book.


  • What country are you researching?
  • Which continent is it in?
  • Which famous people come from there?
  • What is the population?
  • What is the flag?
  • Which is the closest ocean or sea?
  • Does the country have any famous landmarks?
  • What is the capital city of the country?
  • How does the country deal with air pollution?
  • How much air pollution does it produce each year?
  • How does air pollution affect the country?
  • What other things could they put in place to help solve the issue of air pollution?


Activity 2:

Look at these useful websites. Make notes on what they say about air pollution. You can write your notes or use voice recording or videos to record them.








Activity 3:

Present your findings by recording a video of yourself reading what you have found out.


Activity 4:

Use these debate cards from the 2019 World Environment Day to have a discussion about air pollution with your family.

Week 7 WC: 18.05.20

I hope you had a great weekend and that you are keeping safe, doing some exercise and getting some fresh air. Remember to keep washing your hands. Here is your work for this week.


It would be great if you could email me photos of your work:



Next week is half term break, so I will not be setting any work on here. Remember though that you can go over past work, and check the Year 6 Home Learning Page to see what Mrs Ingham has set.  I hope you all have a lovely half term week - get plenty of exercise and fresh air and keep washing your hands and social distancing!


Sending you and your families lots of love!


Mrs Saville.


Monday Handwriting

Monday Spelling

Monday Grammar Hammer


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Be Nice to Nettles Week.


This week is Be Nice to Nettles week!


Nettles look like this:

Most people do not like nettles as they sting you if you touch them. That is just their way of avoiding being picked!


To celebrate Be Nice to Nettles week, I would like you to do the following activities. You can choose which day you do them on, but I would like you to have a go at them all. Remember to send pictures of your work to senco@allsaints-pri.leeds.sch.uk


Activity 1:

Click the image below to read more about nettles. Make a presentation about what you have found out. You can write, draw, do a PowerPoint or make a video. It is up to you.

Activity 2:

Nettles normally grow near wildflowers. Go on a walk in your local area. Remember to stay at least 2 metres away from people who don’t live with you.  Can you find any of these wild flowers? Which other flowers can you find? Take a photo of them and then draw them when you get back home. Write about each of the flowers – What is it called? What does it look like? What does it smell like? Where did you find it?

Activity 3:

Where there are flowers, there are weeds. Weeds are any kind of plant that you do not want to be there. Some people like weeds (I do because I think the flowers on them are beautiful!)

This reading activity will tell you more about weeds. Please choose the one that is most suitable for you and have a go at the questions.


Weeds Reading Activity.


Activity 4:

Should we get rid of all weeds?

Ask the people in your house what they think about weeds. Write their answers in the form of a balanced argument.


This PowerPoint will help to remind you about what to include in a balanced argument.


Use the layout of this sheet to record arguments for getting rid of weeds and against getting rid of weeds.


Here are some useful words and phrases you could use.


Now write up your argument.


You can use the ideas on this sheet if you want to.


This checklist will help you remember what to include in your balanced argument.


Remember: All of your work can go in the books you were given before schools closed. You do not need to write out the sheets.


If you need any help, please email me:




It would be lovely if you could send your work or photos of what you have done to this email address as well – I would love to hear from you.


Keep safe and well.

Mrs Saville.

Week 6 WC: 11.05.20

Hello everyone! How are you all? I hope you're all ok and had an enjoyable bank holiday weekend. I hope you are all keeping safe and washing your hands! Here's your work for this week. It would be lovely if you would take photos of what you do and email them to me: senco@allsaints-pri.leeds.sch.uk


Sending you and your families lots of love! Mrs Saville.


Monday Handwriting

Monday Spelling

Monday Grammar Hammer

Tuesday and Wednesday

12th May is World Limerick Day!


Limericks are short, funny poems. They can be about anything you like but need to include a few features.


Click here to view a PowerPoint about limericks and their features.


Today and tomorrow, I would like you to plan, write and record your own limerick.


Click here for the planning and writing sheet.


Use this poster to help you write your limerick.


Send me your written, typed or spoken limerick - I'd love to see them! senco@allsaints-pri.leeds.sch.uk


Thursday Reading - Fidget Spinners

Thursday Reading Answers - Fidget Spinners

Thursday Literacy - Apostrophes PowerPoint

Thursday Literacy - Apostrophes Work

Friday - Extended Writing


Week 5 WC: 04.05.20


Hi everyone! I hope you had a fab weekend and are keeping safe, washing your hands and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise.


Here is your work for this week.


Remember, you can contact me on




It would be lovely to hear from you.


Sending you all lots of love

Mrs Saville

Monday Handwriting

Monday Spelling

Monday Grammar Hammer.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Reading and Literacy:


Friday is VE Day!

Here are some pictures of VE Day. 


The first photo shows people celebrating.


The second photo is of King George VI with his family. He is on a balcony with his wife, Elizabeth and their children, Queen Elizabeth II (our Queen) and Princess Margaret.

Can you work out who is who? Prime Minister Churchill joins them.

VE Day is a really special day because it remembers 8th May 1945, when the Second World War ended in Europe. It is called Victory Europe Day.


We are marking the 75th anniversary of VE Day this year by having a bank holiday on Friday.

This week, I would like you watch this PowerPoint presentation and have a go at two of the following activities.

You can find lots more information online too.


Activity 1:

Write a postcard to family member who doesn’t live with you telling them about your VE day celebrations. Draw a picture on the other side to show what you did and what you saw.


Activity 2:

Make your own radio broadcast to announce Victory in Europe.

You could even pretend to be Prime Minister Winston Churchill!

Click here to read what Winston Churchill actually said.

There are lots of videos online of his speech if you want to watch it.


Activity 3:

Imagine you are a soldier fighting in the Second World War. You have just found out that the war is over! Write a diary about the experience and how you feel.


I can't wait to see your work!

Week 4 WC: 27.04.20


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Here is your work for this week. Please send photos of your work to:



Monday Handwriting

Monday Spelling

Monday Literacy - Story Ending Competition.


Tuesday and Wednesday Reading and Literacy:


National Astronomy day!


The word astronomy is a Greek word and it means to study the stars, planets and moons so that we can understand them better.


Today and tomorrow, we will be marking National Astronomy Day. I would like you to have a go at some of these activities.

You do not need to do all the activities, but please do activity 1 and then another of the activities – you can choose which one! If you like, you can do all 3 activities. Please send photos of your work to: senco@allsaints-pri.leeds.sch.uk

Activity 1: Astronomy Acrostic Poem Layout.


An acrostic poem is a poem that describes something. Each first letter of each line is a letter is the name of the subject of the poem.

For example:


Shining beautifully in the sky

Twinkling and glimmering far away

Are they keeping life warm like our sun?

Ready to brighten up the dark night

Silver, glistening balls of light.


This acrostic poem is about stars. You can see the word STARS spelled out at the start of each line. I began by writing the word:








Then I continued each line using words that started with the letter in pink. I thought about what stars look like, what they do, how they make me feel and what they are.


Can you write an acrostic poem about astronomy, stars, aliens, telescopes, the sun, the moon or planets? Think about what it is, what it looks like, how it makes you feel and what it does. The poem doesn't have to rhyme, but you should use some interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs.


Activity 2: Make your own 3D constellation.

Activity 3: Design a moon buggy.


Thursday Reading - Choose the questions that best suit you.

Thursday Literacy - Grammar Hammer.

Friday - Now you have seen an information text about telescopes during National Astronomy Day, can you write your own? You could write about the following:


  • When were telescopes invented?
  • Who invented telescopes?
  • Why are telescopes useful?
  • What do telescopes look like?
  • Have a glossary to list and explain new words.

Week 3 WC: 20.04.20


Welcome back! I hope you all had a great Easter break, got plenty of rest and ate some chocolate! Thank you for having a go at the work. If you'd like to email any of it to me, please do so: senco@allsaints-pri.leeds.sch.uk
I know this is a strange and hard time for everyone, so I am also sending a big thank you to parents for all of your efforts. Please do not worry if your child cannot do this work - theirs and your safety and happiness is the most important thing during this pandemic.  If you need to contact me, please email me: 
Sending much love to you all.
Mrs Saville.


Tuesday Literacy - See below.
Our focus this week is synonyms. Synonyms are words that have the same meaning. For example, a synonym for 'big' would be 'huge', 'massive' or 'gigantic.' We use synonyms in writing to make it sound more interesting. 
We can use our own synonyms that we already know or we can use a thesaurus. Here's a link to a good online thesaurus. Click the logo to go to thesaurus.com.

Wednesday Reading

Wednesday Literacy.

Wednesday Literacy 2 - Look at the Wordle in this document. It's full of synonyms for happy. Can you make a wordle for another word?

Thursday and Friday.


National Penguin Day!

Saturday 25th April is National Penguin Day!

Click here to watch a video about penguins.

Click here to see a presentation about Emperor Penguins.


Now you can choose from some of these activities. You don’t have to do them all, but I would like you all to have a go at task 1.


Task 1:

Write an information leaflet about penguins. Use as much detail as possible. Try to use good adjectives and synonyms.

What do they look like? Where do they live? How do they sound? What do they eat? How do they move? What is their habitat like? How do they keep warm? What is their life cycle? How has climate change affected them? What are their chicks like? How do they work as a team?


Task 2:

Make up a quiz on penguins for someone in your family to answer. Who can get the most points?


Task 3:

Draw or paint a picture of a penguin.


Task 4:

Make a model of a penguin.


Task 5:

Make a penguin mask.


There are lots of examples of penguin paintings, pictures, models and masks on the internet - just do a search to get some ideas.

Click the logo below to access lessons from Oak National Academy.


WEEK 2 WC: 30.03.20

I hope you have all had a great weekend and managed to get some rest and lots of fresh air. Remember to just do the work you can. If you would like to email me some of the work you have done, I'd be very pleased to see it: senco@allsaints-pri.leeds.sch.uk


This week in Literacy we will be learning about direct speech. Direct speech is something that someone says. We have learnt about it before and we called it dialogue. In this week's work, you will be asked to identify and use direct speech. Direct speech has inverted commas around it to show those are the words someone says. For example:


"Lets have a race," said Emily.


Notice how the word race has a comma after it, before the inverted commas to end the speech? This is to show expression. It can be replaced with an exclamation mark (!) or a question mark (?). A full stop only comes at the end of the whole sentence.


You might also see direct speech written like this:


Emily said, "Lets have a race." 


In this example, the words Emily said are at the start. This means that the end of the sentence is after the word race, which is why there is a full stop before the final inverted commas.


Monday Handwriting.

Monday Spellings.

Monday Literacy.

Tuesday Reading Text

Tuesday Reading Questions

Tuesday Literacy - Direct Speech 1

Tuesday Literacy - Direct Speech 2

Wednesday Reading Text

Wednesday Reading Questions

Wednesday Literacy - Direct Speech 3

Wednesday - Direct Speech 4

Thursday Reading Comprehension - London Marathon

Thursday Literacy - Direct Speech 5

Thursday Literacy - Direct Speech 6

Friday - Writing Activities.


Week 1 WC 23.03.20.

Monday Handwriting.

Monday Spelling.

Monday Literacy.


Tuesday Reading - Dream Holiday Text.

Tuesday Reading - Dream Holiday Section 1 Questions.

Tuesday Literacy - Identifying Adjectives.


Wednesday Reading - Dream Holiday Section 2 Questions.

Wednesday Literacy - Identifying Adjectives.

Wednesday Literacy - Adjective Alphabet.


Thursday Reading Comprehension - Garden Birds.

Thursday Literacy - Adjectives.


Friday Writing:

Look at this picture from Pobble 365. Write a description to go with the picture. Use adjectives like you have been practicing.


Think about:


Where are they?

Where are they going?

Why are they going?

Who are they?

What can they see?

What can they hear?

How do they feel?

What is the temperature? How do you know the temperature is like that?

What might be in front of the group?

What might they have already seen or heard before they got to this point?

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