Week commencing 11.05.20


Hello Year 2! 

Another week has passed us by. It was lovely to hear from a few of you last week and to see the great work you have been doing.  We hope you continue to be safe and stay at home with your family. 

Love Miss Johal and Mrs Collins x



Activity 1

Take part in the conjunction challenge.  If you do not have a dice simply but numbers into a pot and pick two numbers to make a co-ordinate.  Click here for the game and instructions.


Activity 2

Grammar Hammer

Stage 1 Worksheet Answers Stage 2 Worksheet Answers


Activity 3

Handwriting joins


Activity 4

Take a look at the image below and answer the following questions

Where is this?
 Where does it go to?
 How would you feel travelling along here alone?
 What would you be travelling in?
 How will your journey end?


We will use this scene for our writing task next week. 



Activity 1

Create a shop using different items around your house.  Create price labels for each item.  Ask a member of your family to come to your shop.  You will need to carefully add the value of the items that they would like to buy.  Can you calculate the change that they should get back and think about which coins you will give to them?


Activity 2

Play the following money game online. Click this link https://www.topmarks.co.uk/money/toy-shop-money


Activity 3

Adding coin values 

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3


Activity 4

Solving mathematical word problems


Activity 5

As always please continue to recall multiplication and division facts for your target. 

Learning Logs

This week choose a Learning Log that you have not completed yet.  Remember to only choose one!