Week Commencing 23.03.20

In addition to the work you received in your home learning pack, below are activities and tasks for this week.


Start each day with some exercise!  

Join The Body Coach every morning at 9am for a PE lesson (via YouTube).



Art Activity

Create a rainbow to "spread hope".  You could paint a rainbow, create a collage or think of another creative way.  Click on the link to get inspiration.





Have fun creating a nonsense poem! 

On The Ning, Nang Nong!

Sheet 2


Task 1 - Click here to work your way through the array sheets at your level

Task 2- Work on your individual time tables target

a) create an array to 12 x

b) write four number sentences for each array

c) recall multiplication and division facts in a random order


Maths Word Problems

Look for your ability group sheet and solve the problems.  Think carefully about the steps and operations you need to use to answer the questions.  Don't forget to show your working out. 


Continue to develop your understanding of the Great Fire of London by completing this comprehension tasks.  There are four sections so split these across the week.