Week commencing 29.06.20

Hi Everyone!

We hope you are all well .  Please read the following letter from Mr Pattison regarding meeting your new teacher on the 13th July 2020.  Have a good week . 

Love from Miss Johal and Mrs Collins


Activity 1

Pirate story writing.  This week I would like you to write a pirate story but to help you create new ideas use this sheet.  Roll a dice to decide which column to use as your story stimulus.  If you don't have a dice simply choose a number.  Email me your fantastic story writing!.


Activity 2

Grammar Hammer Stage 1 Worksheet Answers Stage 2 Worksheet Answers


Activity 3


Contractions using apostrophes '


Contractions are short words made by putting two words together. Letters are omitted in the contraction and replaced by an apostrophe The apostrophe shows where the letters would be if the words were written in full.

Match the contraction to the correct word pairs

Now write sentences using the contractions you have matched.


MathsActivity 1

Creating directions

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3


Activity 2

Turning clockwise and anticlockwise Group 1 Group 2 Group 3


Activity 3

Finding coordinates.  Read the PowerPoint before completing the worksheet.

Click here to see the treasure map worksheet.  Write coordinates for each of the items on the map.

Science investigations.

Choose one of the following science investigations to complete at home.  


Fizzy Pirate Coins or finding the best material