Week commencing 6.07.20

Hi Year 2,

Hope you are all well.  Mrs Collins and I are super excited about seeing you all next week when you come into school for an hour to see us, meet Mr Adamson and have a look at your new classroom!   As always it is important to balance school work and free time during the day; make sure you do continue to complete a little work at home so that you are ready for school in September.   

Here is work for this week.  Keep going Year 2!

Love from Miss Johal and Mrs Collins


Activity 1

Take a look at this PowerPoint to find out about islands.


Use the internet to fins out about one island.  You may want to look at St. Lucia, Skye or Santorini


Use this research map. Think about where the island is.  How did you get there? What is the weather like? What have you seen?


Activity 2

Write a postcard.  Learn about postcards in this PowerPoint.  


Use this template to write a postcard.  Remember that postcards are brief..


Activity 3

Handwriting practise


Activity 4

Grammar Hammer Stage 1 Worksheet Answers Stage 2 Worksheet Answers



Activity 1

Keep up with your mental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division knowledge by playing this game.



Activity 2

Right angles 


Group 1 Sheet 1 Sheet 2

Group 2 and 3 Sheet 1 Sheet 2


Activity 3

Word problems Group 1 Group 2 Group 3


Activity 4

Right angle challenge

RE Shabbat

Learn about how Jewish people celebrate Shabbat.  


Worksheet-name the special items that Jewish people use of the day of Shabbat.  Can you order them  into the correct order?

Do you have any special dinners with your family?