Year 3 Home Learning

Easter Homework

Hi all – I am thinking about you and really hoping that you and your families are well and coping ok in these strange times.  It has been nice to hear from some of you via email.  Keep them coming!  After Easter I will get back to checking them every weekday.    My email:

Like I said at the end of last week, I won’t be putting things on the website everyday, because it is now the Easter holidays.  However, I know some of you are doing lots of work at home so here are some homework ideas. 

A learning log all about Easter would be a fantastic idea.  You could do a mixture of the Easter story and ways we celebrate Easter. Below is a reminder about what a good learning log may involve.  Remember though  it's entirely up to you!

Learning logs


Below is all the Mastery from the 4 half terms we have been together.  Check you still know it all.  If you don’t then you can research it. 

Mastery Autumn 1

Mastery Autumn 2

Mastery Spring 1

Mastery Spring 2


Also, here is a second Easter comprehension.

Easter comprehension 2


Furthermore,  remember that  learning all your x-tables is the best thing of all that you can do in maths.  A reminder that there will be certificates for those who do when we come back!  

Finally, some great  news is that Jo Wicks is keeping up his PE workouts throughout Easter!   

In March there were a whopping 448 hits on the Year 3 home learning page, so a massive well done to you all.  Keep it up!

Happy Easter!

Mr A



Last week

A  reminder that this is the main document to look at to give you ideas about working from home.

Year 3 working from home

If you are  in Nurture Group remember there is a home learning page just for you too!

Monday March 30th

Nouns adjectives and verbs   

This is a very useful bit of revision to start the week.

X tables chart

Remember what I have already said.  If you do just one thing in Maths whilst you're learning at home then learn all your times-tables.  Imagine how brilliant it would be, when we're together again, if I can whizz round the room asking 6 x 9,  5 x 12, 8 x 7 etc and the answers are pinging back at me from all of you! A real opportunity to get ahead of where you should be by the end of Year 3!


Tuesday March 31st




Ordering groups 1 and 2

Ordering numbers group 3

Ordering numbers groups 4 and 5


Wednesday April 1st


A shame we're not all together at school today, so I could catch you out with some April Fool tricks!  More likely you would catch me out!  At my old school I had identical twins in one of my Year 6 classes who swapped places and I didn't realise for ages!

For English today I want you to write one side of a discussion.  Those of you who were in school will remember the recent  debate we had -' Should Year 3 pupils be allowed mobile phones in school?' Even if you weren't I'm sure you have some interesting opinions on the subject.  Choose yes or no and then give some  good arguments  why or why not?   After a short opening statement, starting your paragraphs with firstly, secondly and finally will give your writing a good structure.

Your opening statement could be something like this:

Year 3 pupils having mobile phones in school is a bad idea.  Here are the reasons why.

Ordering numbers - reasoning

Ordering numbers - practice

One sheet from each is fine.  remember they get harder!


Thursday April 2nd


Grammar Hammer 4

Grammar Hammer 4 Answers


Odd and even maths investigation


Friday April 3rd

 Well that's the end of learning from home week 2.  Lots of you are using the website, so a big well done!  Today is actually the start of the Easter holidays, so over the next couple of weeks  I won't be putting things on here every day.  However, keep your eye out for some Easter homework ideas.  I will put them at the top of this page.  


Big Maths 4

Big Maths 4 Answers


Easter comprehension

These three. comprehensions are very similar, but get a little harder.  Choose one to do.


   First week

Here is a bit of revision to get you going!!

Big Maths 1

Big Maths 2

Grammar Hammer 1

Extension - think of similar questions of your own.  Change the numbers, fractions etc. Challenge yourself!


 Important! Below is the main document that will give you loads of ideas for what and how to learn at home.  Enjoy this new way of working!


Year 3 working from home


Great PE news!

You might well have already heard, but if you haven't I am delighted to tell you that the famous Joe Wicks is going to be doing a free PE class  on YouTube every weekday!  The first one is tomorrow (Monday 23rd) at 9am!  



Monday March 23rd




Extension- do similar with the prefixes sub, auto and anti.


Numbers to 1000

These get gradually harder - don't feel you need to do all 3 sheets. The answers are at the end.  Remember to  leave time for your times - tables!


Tuesday March 24th



Extension - do similar with tion and sion.


Numbers to 1000 - 2


Science - a good idea this week is to jot down all you can remember about our science from the first term - Animal Magic: nutrition, types of skeleton, names of bones and muscles etc. look online, if you can, to research/ help you remember.  I will put the test we did on here on Friday (including mark scheme)  and you can see how you do!


Wednesday March 25th


 Great Maths news!

 Carol Vorderman has announced that her online maths school - the is now free!  Apparently, there are a few problems, due to high interest, but you should be able to sign in ok from tomorrow.

Wednesdays are usually our extended writing days. My idea for you today, which fits in nicely with our theme, is a story 'Escape from the Volcano!' 

Addition word problems

These get harder as you go through.  Again no need to do them all.  Do the ones that you think are at your level.  Answers at the end.

Year 3 working from home

Don't forget to keep looking at this document - loads of ideas for you!


Thursday March 26th


Thursdays, as you know, are Grammar Hammer days!

Grammar Hammer 3

Grammar Hammer 3 Answers


For maths do some more of the addition problems from yesterday.  If you have got as far as you can, then write some word problems of your own.  You don't need to stick to addition.

Plus, don't forget time for those X- tables!


Friday March 27th

Friday is Big Maths day!

Big Maths 3

Big Maths 3 Answers


Fossils comprehension

There are 3 very similar comprehensions that get slightly harder.  Choose one - the answers are there.  Fits in nicely with our current theme!

Science test

As promised on Tuesday  here is our science test from our first term together.  If you haven't had chance to revise yet, just do it another day.

To be developing (yellow) you need 6.  To be secure (green) you need 14.  To be mastery you need a massive 21!  Good luck!

Well that's the end of the first week of learning from home.  Don't forget that you or your adult can email me (see the Year 3 learning from home sheet)  I hope that you and your families are all ok. I'll leave this week one work here for a while, but on Monday I will go back to the top of this page.  Just finished this in time to go and do the Joe Wicks PE.  I'm really enjoying it - hope you are too! 

Take care,

Mr A.