Home Learning Year 3

Final Term in Year 3!

Monday June 1st

 Wow! I can’t believe we are close to the end of the year. It really doesn’t seem long since you arrived in Year 3 and we were reading Fantastic Mr Fox and dancing to ‘Wipe Out’ for the very first time!  We would all love to be together today, singing our Maths Duel songs and looking forward to the final term.  However, we can’t be, so, like I’ve said all along, we will just have to make the most of it and try to be positive.

I think this is the 123’rd time I’ve said this now, but one massively useful way of using this time at home is to completely master all your times-tables up to 12 x 12, so they are on the tip of your tongue.    If you can include all the division facts too, then you will be so ahead of the game for Year 4!

We are starting the term with those tricky, but fun, homophones -  words which sound alike but have different meanings, such as see and sea.


Then your first Maths task is a nice little perimeter  of squares investigation.

Square investigation

And Monday wouldn't be Monday without some spellings to learn!



Last week

Friday May 22nd

Well that’s the end of a full half term of home learning.  Again, can I say just how proud I am of all your hard work.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing some of it and reading your email messages. 

Big Maths 9


Here is the third comprehension about Alex, a Year 3 boy, who is currently home learning.  Sound familiar? 


As next week is half term, I won’t be setting daily work, but a great half term learning log would be something about Ancient Greece.  I have already recommended this to one young man!  You have lots of brilliant history to look forward to in your time at All Saints, but one thing you probably won’t do, due to a few changes in our curriculum, is anything about Ancient Greece.  We enjoyed Theseus and the Minotaur so basing your learning log around other Greek myths and legends is a good idea.  These often feature gods and goddesses and this would be another fascinating place to start.  Also, the Olympics started in Greece, and looking at the differences between Athens and Sparta is very interesting too.  Remember you can tackle a learning log in any way you like!

Enjoy half term and stay safe!

Mr A

Thursday May 21st

 Thursday is Grammar Hammer day so here you are!  You will notice that this is test number 9.  There are 15 tests in all, so don't worry you will get to do them all!  Exactly the same with  Big Maths.

Grammar Hammer 9


Next is a maths investigation with a very mysterious title. Hope you enjoy it!

Zios and Zepts

How are you getting on with your vertical addition, vertical subtraction, short multiplication and that tricky bus stop division?  Your extra times-tables work will really help with the last two!  


Wednesday May 20th

 Today I want you to write the story - The Talking Painting.  This will give you chance to use some of the direct speech that we have been practising.  Imagine you are looking at a painting.  It could be hanging up in school, or in an art gallery, or in an old building (such as Temple Newsam House) that you are visiting on a trip. Suddenly, someone in the painting starts talking to you!  Imagine how shocked and  scared you would be at first.  Perhaps the character comes out of the picture, perhaps you are sucked into the picture on an adventure.  Really use your imagination!  Think kings, queens, soldiers, servants etc.  It could even be an animal/ creature in the  painting that talks.  It's up to you!  Can't wait to read some of these!

For Maths have another look at the time PowerPoint from yesterday and then attempt two of the sheets below.

Reasoning 5 minute intervals

I hope you enjoyed listening to, and thinking about, the Bach music yesterday. To follow on from that I want to look at the PowerPoint below. I want you to write down at least 3 interesting facts about Baroque music ( you should know this word from the work we did on Baroque orchestras) and at least 3 interesting facts about Bach.

Baroque and Bach PowerPoint

Tuesday May 19th

Today is the second task about speech marks.  It might be a good idea to look at the PowerPoint from yesterday again.  This time you need to be the teacher checking for mistakes!

Be the teacher

A good extension is  to write half a side, maybe a story opening based on something we have done before, that involves some direct speech.

In maths we are looking at 5 minute intervals. It does include some Roman Numerals, which we haven't covered this year yet, but if you study page 4 when you look at the PowerPoint below, it has them in the correct order from 1 to 12.

Time PowerPoint

Then have a go at two of these sheets..

5 minute intervals

Finally a bit of music for you today!  In Year 3 we study a famous German composer called Bach.  Have a listen to this brilliant piece of music, particularly the opening minute or so - last year's class loved it!  It is called Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor.


Now answer these questions about the dramatic opening.

Music questions


Monday May18th

Hi everyone, hope you had a good weekend.  Think we are going to have some good weather this week,  so I hope you manage to enjoy it in some way.  I'm hoping we might hear something more about Leeds United this week.  Perhaps they will announce that the football season will restart quite soon, or maybe Leeds will be allowed to be promoted anyway, because they are top!

Using speech marks is an important part of Year 3 writing.  Have a look at this PowerPoint to remind yourselves of some of the rules.

Speech marks PowerPoint

If we use the word said all the time our writing becomes boring.  Have a go at the following task and there will be more work on speech marks tomorrow.

Synonyms for said

Occasionally we start the week with word problems in maths and that is what we are doing this week.  Enjoy them and I would love to see some of your own that you have made up!

Groups 1 and 2 word problems

Group 3 word problems

Groups 4 and 5 word problems

Finally, it's Monday and that is, of course, spellings day!

Spelling list 4

Just a reminder of something I said recently.  For those of you looking for a bit extra, the best thing I have seen is the BBC Bitesize daily lessons.  If you haven't had a look yet, here is a link to today's work.



 Week beginning May 12th

Friday May 15th


Well done again Year 3!

After all those hits on the Year 3 home learning page in April, putting us in third place, we have in the first half of May got a huge 491 hits!  This puts us third again, but I can tell you we are very close to taking second place!   So a huge well done - this shows how hard you are working.

You know what's coming first on a Friday!

Big Maths 8


I think that Joe Wicks is a real hero for keeping up his 9am PE/fitness sessions for us.  I hope you guys are still doing them and/or keeping fit in other ways.    I have chosen another sporting hero for our Friday comprehension - Usain Bolt. Have a go at one of these 3 similar comprehensions that get gradually harder.

Usain Bolt comprehension 

Finally, my Dad kindly sent me a link for this story recently written by a Year 3/4 teacher.  It is called - How NOT to go to school. Parsley Nimblewood Saves the World!  It is free to download.  I haven't had chance to read it yet, but it looks great.  Here is the link.


Have a great weekend and I'll catch up with you on Monday.


Thursday May 14th

No surprises with your first task!

Grammar Hammer 8


Your maths investigation has similarities with your recent challenge - Crazy 4s

Maths investigation

Local History:

Now we all recognise this building, very near school.  It is called Quarry House and that is where you will go swimming next year.  Just behind it is Leeds Playhouse.

However, it used to be a big housing area called Quarry Hill Flats.  Your task is to do some research about these flats and when, how and why  the area has changed over the years. A shame we are not at school because Mrs Furlong knows a lot about this.  However, let's see what we can find out ourselves.  Here is a link to get you started.




Wednesday May 13th

 Hi everyone - I need to start with an apology.  I have just realised that yesterday I asked you to find out  about soil, but hadn't uploaded the PowerPoint.  I have now, but  sorry if that was frustrating for you - I know you like your science!

I've been hearing that you really enjoyed writing the story about the flying house, so here is another strange picture to  get an imaginative story going.

Creature in the forest

Is this picture at the start of your story or near the end?  Someone seems to be hiding from the creature.  Is that you or someone else?  Will you/your character escape or get caught?  Don't forget to spend a few lines actually describing the creature. These stories are going to be good - I can just imagine all the brilliant ideas flying around the roomif we were doing this at school!

For maths here are some lovely word problems to get your teeth into!

Groups 1 and 2 word problems

Group 3 word problems

Group 4 and 5 word problems

You can also now get stuck into the soil work from yesterday.


Tuesday May 12th

As promised yesterday some poetry today.  A limerick is a silly poem with 5 lines. Read this to find out more:


Now write your own starting with:

There was a young boy in Year 3


There was a young girl in Year 3.

I always think illustrations go nicely with a poem.

Now you know what to do you could try one that is completely your own idea. Enjoy!

For Maths look at the Powerpoint from yesterday again and then do two of these sheets.

Reasoning hours in a day


When we had to finish school we were working on rocks and fossils in science. Our next step was going to be looking at soil.  Study the Powerpoint below all about soil. Then neatly copy the diagram about layers of soil and then write a few  bullet points about the most important facts that you have learnt.

 Soils Powerpoint

Monday May 11th

 Hi everyone.  I hope that you have had a good weekend and, despite our restrictions,  enjoyed the lovely weather in some way.

Remember here are two very important things that I have asked you to do whilst we are not together:

 1) Learn your X tables right the way to 12 X 12 so they are on the tip of your tongue. There will be a test, and a certificate for all those children who do this successfully.  So rather than missing out, this could get you in front of where you should be! The accompanying division facts would be a fantastic bonus!


 2) Write a short story of your choice. Illustrations etc would be a welcome bonus!  Handwritten or on the computer. Any that are completed will be entered into a class competition with prizes.   If any of you write two stories and can’t decide which is best – enter them both!


 For English today we are focusing on adverbs.  Good use of adverbs can really improve our writing.


For Maths here is some more work on time.  Read the powerpoint carefully and then attempt two of the sheets.

Powerpoint hours in a day.

Hours in a day

Here also is your latest spelling list.

Spellings 3

I think that's enough for now.  Tomorrow will include a chance to write your own funny poems!  Remember that those of you in Nurture Group have your very own home learning page too!


Story Ending Competition

 The teachers have created a shared story for you to watch. Mr James started of the story then passed the story on to the next teacher. They recorded their part of the story and then passed it on to the next teacher. This continued until we had a whole story that was just missing the final chapter. It is your job to finish of the story. It will all become clearer when you watch our shared story. Click on the picture below to watch our All Saints staff shared story. We hope you enjoy it.

You now need to write the final chapter of the story. Send your story endings in to your teachers email address. Each year group will choose a winner and your teacher will record your ending to add to the end of the video.