Year 4 Home Learning

Welcome to the year 4 home learning page. Miss Manners here, I will be updating the page and adding work on a regular basis. 

If you click on the 'For children working from home', there are a range of ideas that you can keep referring to, to help your child to work from home. This includes a list of websites and subjects to focus on.

Congratulations on completing your second week of home schooling- you're on a roll!

I am putting some bits on that you could be working on over Easter, but no pressure- make sure you have a break over the next two weeks- it is well deserved!

If you need any advice or want to let me know how you are getting on- I would be happy to hear from you!

Keep pushing on guys- we can do this!


For Children Working From Home

Here are the packs that the children received in the final week of school below.

Year 4 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf

Year 4 Home Learning Pack.pdf

Year 4 Practical Ideas.pdf


Stay home, take care and keep safe,

Miss Manners.

Easter Activities

Week commencing 06/04/20



First 5 spelling sheets

  1. Prefix super, sub, inter.doc
  2. 2. Prefix anti, non, auto.doc
  3. 3. Prefix pre, de, re.doc
  4. 4. Prefix in. imp, imm.doc
  5. 5. Suffix ing - two syllables.doc

Week commencing 30/03/20

Maths Monday

Maths Schedule.docx

 Reasoning Revision Mon.docx

Group 1 Mon.docx

Group 2.rtf

Group 3 + extension.docx

Extension Group 1.docx

Maths Tuesday

adding subtracting decimals ppt Tues.ppt

adding subtracting decimals Tues.docx

Maths Wednesday

ReasoningTime Wed.docx



24 Hour time - Mainstream.docx

Converting time LA.docx

Maths Thursday

Time and measure problems Thu.doc



Literacy Revision.docx

Information texts.doc



Big Maths Week 1

Big Maths Week 2

Big Maths Week 3

Big Maths Week 4

Big Maths Week 5

Big Maths Answers


Grammar Hammer Week 1

Grammar Hammer Week 1 Answers

Grammar Hammer Week 2

Grammar Hammer Week 2 Answers

Grammar Hammer Week 3

Grammar Hammer Week 3 Answers

Grammar Hammer Week 4

Grammar Hammer Week 4 Answers

Grammar Hammer Week 5

Grammar Hammer Week  5 Answers


Week commencing 23/03/20


Equivalent Fractions Revision

Reasoning and Problem Solving

Group 1= Developing

Group 2= Emerging

Group 3= Greater Depth

(The children know which group they are in)





Time investigation.docx


Both guided reading and literacy for the week below. Click the link.



Extras that might help – KS2 Volleyball game with Dane Weatherill