Year 6 Home Learning

Each day I will be updating this page with activities and work that your child can  complete from home.  A pack of resources has been sent home so that your child has the resources to complete the work.  Children have also been given an email address so that they can contact a member of staff if they are struggling with any work provided.  

Please check in each day as answers to previous work will be uploaded and new work will be provided on a daily basis.

Don't worry if you are struggling to keep up - just do what you can, and please make sure that you plan in time to rest, relax and socialise online with friends.  Enjoy this new way of learning and remember, we are here if you have any worries.

Mrs Ingham, Miss Gillies, Miss Coggan


Please note, if your child works with Miss Savillie for Literacy, your work will be on Miss Saville's 'Year 6 Group' on the Home Learning page.  However, please check into this page from time-to-time for other activities that you will be able to access for theme work.

If your child works in the Nurture Group, please go to the Nurture Group on the Home Learning page.

If your child is in Miss Green's group for maths, they will have been issued a learning pack to start and they have their own page called Miss Green's Maths Group in the Home Learning box.


 Click on the link below for ideas of activities and how to organise your learning during the current school closures.

Working at home: Organising your learning, organising your day



Here are lots of activities that you can be doing during your Easter break.   Read through them, and pick out which ones you think you might enjoy.  Encourage your brothers and sisters to get involved and remember to send me photographs of what you've been doing.

These activities can be completed as part of your learning log work.  Please photograph any completed pages - I would love to see them.  Below is an example of different ways you might like to present your work.  Have a great Easter and remember I am here if you need to contact me at any time. 

Mrs Ingham x


Day 1

Links for slide 1:  Hosanna Rock

                              Donkey ideas

Day 2

Links for slide 2:   Active Prayer

Day 3

Links for slide 2:  Music

                               Maundy Thursday liturgy

Day 4

Links for slide 2: Godventure ideas

                              Making flatbread

Day 5

Link for slide 2: YFC

Day 6

Linke to slide 2:  Making a palm cross (you can use paper or other materials)


                             Melting chocolate

Day 7

Further Ideas

Click on the image below to find even more ideas from the diocese.  This document is filled with fun ideas, including stop-start animation and lego building.

Ooh, this is a really juicy challenge to get your brains working!  Keep checking in next week to see if I add any new ones. 


Click on the image below to be directed to our school collective worship.  You will be able to listen to stories, songs and join us in our prayers.

Why not brighten up the day by making a rainbow to display in your window.  Children all around the country are doing this to spread hope and make someone smile.


Lesson 4 each day is to spread a little love.  Remember to try and do this each day.  You could do something nice for someone: send them a letter, send a message, say a prayer for someone or complete part of our Lent challenge.  It is the little things that mean the most!

Hi Guys, I hope everyone is trying to stay active.  If you click below, you can try out some of the Rhinos Challenges and have fun whilst keeping fit.  Once you are on the page, you will be able to try out different challenges.

Week2 - beginning 30.03.20

Welcome to week 2 of home learning.  I hope you've all managed to have a good weekend and that you've managed to get plenty of rest away from school work.  As last week, remember that there are lots of activities for you to do and DO NOT feel as though you need to complete them all.  Have another great week and remember to have fun, socialise and get as much fresh air as you can.  I have also changed the Lent challenge to week 4; it would be brilliant if you could try out some of the new challenges or you could get involved with some onf the online activities keep both your body and mind active during this lockdown.  Click the links below to get involved.

9.00am – PE with Joe Wicks   

10.00am – Maths with Carol Vorderman  

11.00am – English with David Walliams  

12.00pm – Lunch (cooking with Jame Oliver) 

1.00pm – Music with Myleene Klass  

1.30pm – Dance with DarceyBussel 


Hi All,

The teachers found yesterday's challenge extremely hard and didn't persevere quite as much as you guys, so let's see who can be on today's leader board.  The teachers will be looking at this at the same times as you, so let's see if you lot can hit the top places.  Good luck everyone! 


Literacy:     Writing - Finish off work on Arrival

                    Comprehension - reading booklet

                    Comprehension - answer booklet


Numeracy: Big Maths  week 2  - try to beat your score

                    Challenge - see above

                    Make a connection with any problems you have solved this week.




Good morning Year 6 - well done for all your hard work again this week.  Lots of you are still completing the work on a daily basis, and this will really help you when you start high school in September.  You've only 2 days to go up until the Easter holidays where I will be setting an Easter Challenge for you all.  If you have any ideas of a competition or activities that you would like to do, then please let me know.  I would also love to see your diary writing from this week, so please send me them via email.  

You may have heard about the new Nightingale Hospital in London, that has been built over the last week, and they are asking for bright pictures to hang on the walls to brighten up the hospital.  Please could you send any pictures to me and I will pass them on to the hospital.  Pictures need to be A4 size as they will be laminated, so if you get a minute, it would be great if you could make one for me to send to them.


I found this challenge online yesterday and saw lots of adults struggling to solve it; however, I know that most of you will be able to solve the problem.  Look really carefully as it isn't quite as straightforward as it first looks, and email me when you think you have worked out the answer.  Happy problem solving!

Literacy:    Grammar


                   Writing - see work lower down the page on 'The Arrival'

                   Guided reading text

                   Guided reading answer booklet


                   Writing - see below

Numeracy:Arithmetic - Flash decimals


                   Word problems main group


                   Word problems higher



Mrs Coggan's group:  Tuesday Literacy

                                       Wednesday Guided Reading

                                       Thursday Guided Reading

Literacy:    Grammar


                   Guided reading text

                   Guided reading answer booklet


                   Writing - see below

Numeracy: Arithmetic - Flash Decimals


                    Statistics further problems



Literacy:    Grammar


                   Guided reading text

                   Guided reading answer booklet


                   Writing - see below

Numeracy: Arithmetic Answers on sheet

                    Arithmetic (challenging) Answers on sheet

                    Statistics problems



Mrs Coggan's group: Guided Reading

                                      Guided Reading

                                      Numeracy Addition and Subtraction

                                      Numeracy Place Value

Literacy:  Guided reading - use the image below and anwer the questions using your inference skills.

What do you think the troll is thinking?

Do you think he is a mean or a kind troll? Why?

What are the people doing when they have seen the troll?

Would you try to catch him or talk to him?

Where do you think the troll has come from?

What do you think the rope around the troll’s waist is for?


Grammar workout:  sheet



Writing for the week

Click on each of the images below to find out what this week's writing task is.  Below are the features of diary writing, ideas for each day's diar entry, an example of a diary and some descriptive phrases that you could include in your writing.  

Remember, when writing a diary you need to include lots of emotion and thoughts.  Think about the purpose of diary writing - to offload your feelings and make sure that you 'show - don't tell' when describing events.

It would great to see some of your writing, so please photograph it or send me it via email.


Numeracy: Arithmetic Group 1  Answers on sheet

                   Arithmetic Group 2 (more challenging) Answers on sheet


                   Coordinates - one quadrant


                                          Four quadrants






Do not feel as though you have to complete all sheets.  Just do what you can; there is extra work for those who want it.  

Week Beginning 23.03.20


We did it guys - today is Friday!  Today will be a normal Friday with Big Maths,  MAC and comprehension.  As every other day, do what you can and remember to send me anything that you do in addition to this.  I have messaged those pupils we haven't heard much from this week, so if you haven't been in touch, then please let me know how you're doing.  Have a fantastic weekend and keep in touch.

Literacy:     Comprehension  Answers at the end of the sheet

                    Comprehension - Miss Gillies's group  Answers on sheet



Numeracy: Big Maths and make a connection based on this week's problems.




 I can't believe we are on day 4 already.  You have been fantastic this week and have kept on going all week.  I couldn't be prouder of you.  It can be hard to stay motivated when you are working on your own, but you guys have kep on going regardless.  It would be so lovely to see some of the work you have been doing - especially any artwork or projects that you have begun.  Let me know which activities you have been doing and which have been your favourites.  If you have any ideas for art projects, then let me know and we can share them with the rest of your class.

Literacy: Guided Reading


               Writing - To write a letter or create a poster to make someone working in our emergency                                        services smile.  Once you have finished these, you can either post them yourselves                                or email them to me and I will  make sure they get to the amazing people working in                                our hospitals.  You can write your letter to the doctors, nurses, porters, paramedics,                                  catering teams or domestic staff  working in the hospitals. They are doing an                                            amazing job and it would be lovely for them to receive a letter of encouragement                                      showing how grateful we are for their hardwork or a motivational poster to be                                            displayed around the wards.

Numeracy:  Arithmetic  Group 1 Answers at the end of page

                                        Group 2 (more challenging) Answers at the end of the page

                                        Flash mixed revision


                                        Word problems


                                        Word problems (harder)



Keep going guys - you are doing really well.  I have now marked the reading papers and will let you know tomorrow how you have done.  I hope everyone managed to try out the PE link yesterday.  Remember, Joe Wickes is online every single day.  I have also found out that Audible has released lots of free books online at the moment.  Why not log in and see which stories you can listen to for free.  Lastly, you will have seen the 'Collective Worship' link above.  Click on here to join in with our school collective worship sessions.

Literacy:  Guided Reading


                 Grammar is below - questions 21-30

                 Writing - Free choice of writing genre - you could write a letter, diary, continue the                                                  story, newspaper report using the image below or any other genre of writing.                                            Remember, whichever genre you choose that you need to think about the audience                                  and purpose of your writing. 

                                Before you begin, plan your ideas, think about he features of writing and select                                        vocabulary that will be included in your work.


Numeracy:  Arithmetic  Group 1  Answers at the  end of the sheets

                                        Group 2 (more challenging)  Answers at the  end of the sheets

                                        Ratio (Flash)


                                        Ratio proportion


    Ratio proportion 2


                  Ratio SAT questions (difficult)



 Well done everyone - Year 6 had the most hits on this website yesterday.  Lots of you have been working really hard and have completed lots of the work.  It's great to see you so motivated!

As I said in my email, you do not need to complete everything - just do what you can.  I have posted extra for those of you that may want to keep busy.

Literacy:     Guided Reading


                    Written work and grammar is below and was posted yesterday.

Numeracy:  Arithmetic    Group 1     Answers on the last page

                                          Group 2 (more challenging)  Answers on the last page

                     Ratio (reasoning)  Scale factors


                                                     Scale factors 2




Afternoon:    PE   Why not sign onto Joe Wicke's PE lessons each day.  Here is his first lesson.



                      Music:  Get together with friends online and make up a song/rap  Film it and share                                       across the Super Sixes.

Monday   Last week's answers have been attached below.

Goodmorning everyone.  I hope you've managed to have a great weekend and that you have spoilt your mums yesterday.  Some of you will be feeling excited about working from home for the first day, and some of you will be a little anxious.  Just do your best and complete what you can.  If you have any questions, remember to email the 'class 6' email address and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.  Enjoy your day!   


Numeracy:     Arithmetic % and converting measures (includes reasoning questions)


                       Flashback - converting measures

Answers for flashback day 1:   5 and 0, 4 and 2, 1 and 4.5,   y = 6.5,   68%,   7,801

day 2:  mm,   x=9,  £45,  2 6/7

day 3: 1000 ,  x-17=23,  80%, parallelogram

Literacy:        Grammar Verb Tenses

                       Monday - questions 1-10     Tues - questions 11-20    Wed - questions 21-30

                       Answers 1-10

                      Answers 11-20

                      Answers 21-30


  • Who is the boy in the foreground?
  • What do you know about him? What can you infer?
  • What does his expression tell you?
  • Is something wrong with his face?
  • Is he hiding? Why?
  • What can you see behind him? Is it the ghost of a lady? A shadow? Something else?
  • What is happening?
  • Why is the title ‘The Vanishings’? Who or what is vanishing? How many?


  • Write an effective opening paragraph to a story based around this picture. What would be the best way to start? (Dialogue? Description? Action?) 
  • Remember to plan your ideas first and collect a range of effective vocabulary that you could use in your writing.
  • Your opening paragraph needs to hook the reader and make them want to read on!


Well done to all those pupils that have managed to download Microsoft 365 onto your devices, and a big thank you to those that have emailed to let me know that you are connected. If you are having problems with this, please let me know as soon as possible and I will offer all the help I can.

These activities are for children that have started self-isolating this week.  I will provide full activities for Maths and Literacy  on a daily basis and you can access other subjects through the curriculum letter at the top of this page.


Big Maths - 1      Big Maths - 2         Spellings - hyphens 1    hyphens 2            Grammar - Answers Big Maths 1

Answers Big Maths 2

Answers Grammar


Miss Coggan Maths - Big Maths 1    Big Maths 2