Creative Curriculum

This is a brief description of how we set out the curriculum in our school.

In all subjects we follow the national curriculum and in RE we follow the diocese agreed syllabus.

In PSHE we follow a mixture of SEAL and Leeds syllabus.


Assertive Mentoring


From September 2015 the school has adopted a number of principles from Assertive Mentoring. We have not adopted  the whole system but the principles. We will within Maths follow the system closely.

Assertive Mentoring involves all the children and all the staff all the time. It is based on constant dialogue between the teacher and individual children; as well as children and children . It is designed around the fact that children understand what they need to do in order to develop. There will within the year be times when teachers meet with individual children in a 'mentoring session'. Pupil Premium money is allowing us to deliver this programme.



As a school we feel that this is one of the most vital areas. We ensure throughout the whole of the school children are reading at an ability appropriate to them. Every day the first part of the morning is devoted to reading in our Read Write Inc sessions and Basic Skills sessions. Reading is also taught in literacy lessons and across the curriculum.

We use a programme called Read Write Inc which is a synthetics phonic programme. In this we teach children the pure sounds they need to know and then show them how to blend. As soon as children are able to blend we allow them to read ditties and then move onto books. We also through this scheme develop children’s understanding.

Children remain on Read Write Inc until they are ready to move on and then we will move them onto reading books for their ability and continue to develop their understanding.

In Key Stage 2 and where appropriate in Key Stage 1 we hold daily whole class guided reading sessions which have a specif structure.

Children do weekly reading comprehension tests which look at a variety of objectives and use a variety of question types.

Children are also heard read on a 1 to 1 basis .


We ensure reading books go home which are appropriate for children’s understanding and ability. Where they are not ready to read a book we will send sounds home to learn and a book to share with parents.



We believe that children need to be taught the basic skills of writing. These are taught within Read Write Inc,  and the literacy lessons. We also feel it is important to teach writing skills across the whole curriculum so our themes have a large literacy base. We aim to teach writing to children at their ability and there is a focus on modelling the writing process to children. Within Key Stage 2 teachers plan lessons based on children's ability, we do have a focus on the non negotiables which is ensuring children use the age appropriate grammar and punctuation. We ensure there are a number of opportunities for sustained writing both within literacy and theme lessons. 

From September 2015 we will be using some of the principles from Assertive Mentoring. We will be teaching the spelling lists which are within Assertive Mentoring, based on the National Curriculum. On a weekly basis , within Key Stage 2, teachers will be using Grammar Hammer. These are a series of 'tests' which enable us to measure children's ability within grammar and punctuation and then teach based on areas of weaknesses.



Teachers plan the curriculum based on the national curriculum and the  ability of children . There is a major focus on the teaching of number including four operations and properties of number. We ensure maths is taught in discrete lessons and throughout the curriculum. On a weekly basis children will be streamed into maths ability groups across Key Stage 2 to do ' Big Maths from Assertive Mentoring. The children will take a weekly 'test' and the teacher will use this information to address areas of weakness.

In addition to this children will take ' half termly tests ' and teachers will use this information to address areas of weakness.




Teachers plan the PE curriculum based on the needs of children within their class. We ensure that we cover gymnastics, dance, athletics and games.  We have always taught Swimming in Year 4 but now, through the use of PE Grant Money, we are using a local pool to deliver further swimming in Year 5. We also are intending to use the PE Grant Money to improve our teaching of PE.


Other Subjects

We have developed a Skills Based Creative Curriculum. In this we teach all subjects in a creative way by looking for links. We aim to ensure that our curriculum is broad and balanced and inspires children.


Please feel free to contact your child's class teacher for more information or refer to the half termly curriculum letters.

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