Staff roles and responsibilities

September 2018


Teaching Staff



David Pattison


Alice Green

Deputy Headteacher & Interventions  

Rachel Levitt

Assistant  Headteacher 

Beckie Briggs


 Kam Johal  (TLR)

 Nursery Teacher & EYFS Co-ordinator

Alex Mignot

Nursery Teacher 

Hannah Turver

 Reception Teacher

Samantha Saville

Year 1 Teacher

Katie Burton

Year 2 Teacher

Paul Adamson (TLR)

Year 3 Teacher

Michal James

Year 4 Teacher

Rachel Levitt

Year 5 Teacher

Carmen Ingham

Year 6 Teacher

 Natasha Osborn

 PPA / Management Cover


Support Staff

Learning Support Assistants:

Learning Support Assistants:

Parent Support Advisor:

Lunchtime Staff:

Administration Staff:

Chelsea Jowitt

Gail Oates

(Year 1)

Rhona Gillies

Nick Martin

(Year 6)

Felicity Baron-Kordecki

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants:


Sam Robinson-Lyons

Dawn Robson




Business Manager:

Dawn Oliver

Kimberleigh Coggan

Helen Collins

(Year 2)




 Abbey Chadwick



Nursery Nurses:

Claire Hepworth (Nursery)

Emma Tierney


Sharon Cooke







Office Manager:

Claire Chadwick

Jo Mitchell

 Rebecca Wright

(Year 3)

Catherine Dagless (Nursery)



Cleaners employed by outside agency



Sharon Bayley

Andrea Foulke

Angela Hayley

(Year 4)


Diane Fotherby (KS1 & Speech and Language)



Bryan Hunter


 Nicola Levitt

(Year 5)

Behaviour Support Worker:

Sara Westerman



Kitchen staff are employed by Leeds City Council Catering and Cleaning Agency

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