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Welcome to Reception!

Miss Turver, Mrs Newsome, Miss Masterson, Miss Smith.

Miss Turver is the Reception children's key person.

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Summer 2 - Welcome to the Bug Hotel!     &     Come and Join the Circus!

WEEK 1. 5.6.23
In literacy we are learning...
We are reading non-fiction books about minibeasts!

Our word of the week is: chrysalis.

In phonics we are learning...

Here are the phonics sounds we are learning. 

Please practise the special friends, which are two letters one sound!
Please read your child's ditty/reading book at home to practise segmenting and blending, eg. c - a - t cat... ch-i-p chip... t-e-s-t test... s-p-r-ay spray.

In maths we are learning...

We are exploring doubling.

Converting document.







Summer 1 - Once Upon a Time...

We have had a wonderful half term reading and telling stories. We especially enjoyed our trip to Legoland!
Here are some photos of our learning.

Spring 2 - Paws, Claws, Tusks and Tails!

We have had a super half term learning all about animals. We loved watching our chicks hatch and our trip to the farm.
Here are some photos of our learning.

Spring 1 - the Rescue!

We have had a brilliant half term learning all about imaginary and real superheroes! 
Here are some photos of our celebration day. We found the quickest way to melt our chocolate but then they were stolen by the Evil Pea! We had to complete superhero missions to rescue them!

Autumn 2 - Are We There Yet?

We have had an exciting half term learning all transport and journeys! 
Here are some photos of our learning.

Autumn 1 - If you go down to the woods today...

We have had a fantastic half term learning all about the woodland animals and Autumn! 
Have a look at these photos of our celebration day - we made pumpkin soup and heated it up on the woodland campfire!






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Important Information

   How we learn at school...

How you can help at home...
Here are some activities you can do at home to help your learning....
Please read your book as often as you can and use the resources in your home learning pack!


Here is some information about how to use Tapestry so that you can share what you get up to at home with us.

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