All Saint's Richmond Hill Church Of England Primary School

Year 5 Home Learning 2020-2021



Google Classroom Instructions

Please email me at and I will reply with your child's personal information.  Then click on the link below and follow each step to help you log into Google Classroom.

Click here

Thank you,

Miss Levitt



Dear Parents/Carers/Year Five,

This is the page where you will find learning activities for the next two weeks.  I will be updating this page daily.  Please check back here tomorrow morning for the work for tomorrow. 

If you/your adult has an email address you can email me at

If you know your school email address you can email me using that as well.

If you can, please send me an email to let me know that you have seen this message. I will check my emails regularly. 

You have been working so hard in class, so I hope you can keep going with the work that I set on here and that you can get in touch by email.  It would be lovely to know that you are all seeing this page.

Hopefully we will all be back in school together soon!

Thank you,

Miss Levitt


Thursday 8th October 2020

I will no longer be posting work on here as we have now moved to Google Classroom.  If your child is not logged on, please email me at 

and I will provide you with their details.  I am now doing video teaching through Google Classroom and then setting all work on there.

Many thanks,

Miss Levitt


Wednesday 7th October 2020

Good morning,

If you haven't done so already, please email me at so that I can send your details for logging onto Google Classroom.  Well done to the people who managed to log on yesterday. Hopefully this afternoon, I will be able to set up a meeting and do your literacy introduction by video with you all.


I am going to move onto using just Google Classroom very soon so it is very important that you try and get this set up as soon as possible.  If you have any problems, please email me. 

Thank you. 

Miss Levitt.


Collective Worship 




Look at the example slides below and then create your own character similar to Finn.




Today you are going to use your mental addition and subtraction to answer the questions set on these slides.  The answers are at the back, but don't look before you finish.

Slides for maths



Tuesday 6th October 2020

Below you will find work for today.  When you have done your work, please send me a picture by email so I can see that you have done it.

Have a good day.

Miss Levitt


Collective Worship

Look at our school vision below.  Can you learn it off by heart? 

We often talk about forgiving people - we have spoken about this in our RE lessons.  

In our family we often have to forgive people.  Can you think of a time when you have forgiven a family member?  Have you ever been hurt by someone an then sorted it out and forgiven them?

Song for collective worship


Guided Reading

These activities get harder as you go through them.

Try one that you can see is challenging you a little bit but is not too hard.  The answers are on the second page.

Activity One

Activity Two

Activity Three


Look at the text message conversations below.  There are lots of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.  Can you spot them?

Write the conversations out again with the corrections.

If you can't read them on the picture below, you can click on the link here.


We started a review of column addition and subtraction yesterday.  Please continue with this today using the questions below.  You made a good start, but we need to work on speed.  Use this time to work on your fluency and get further than you did yesterday.  Click on the link below for today's questions. 

Maths questions


Listen to these songs.

Pick out lyrics that Christians could use to help and guide them in their daily life.  Which words would help them, guide them, support them?

Song one

Song two

Song three