All Saint's Richmond Hill Church Of England Primary School

How to apply for our school.


Clergy Reference Form


Timescale for Appeals for 2023-24 Reception Places 

The policies below explain how to apply to school and the subscription criteria if we are over subscribed. 



Below is the admissions policy for 2022-23 

Admission Policy 2022/2023

Supplemental Information Form 2022/2023


Below is the admissions policy for 2023-2024

Admission Policy 2023/2024

Supplemental Information Form 2023/2024 


Below is the admissions policy for 2024-25

Admission Policy 2024/25

Supplemental information 2024/25





Other Useful Admission Links:

Leeds City Council  Admissions Page ( Please look on this page for information about appeals including deadlines):










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