All Saint's Richmond Hill Church Of England Primary School

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are safe and well. It was really lovely to see you all again on Wednesday. Lots of new trainers, longer hair, new hair styles and new cuts. You all looked really great and you have all grown so much. I was sorry that I couldn't spend more time with you and I really hope you had a nice day seeing some of your friends and your new teacher. It has been a great pleasure being your teacher this year and I wish you the very best for the future.

There are lot of things below to keep you busy- Please learn your times tables- this will help you loads in Year 5!

Keep well and keep safe over summer,

All the best,

Miss Manners

Year 4 Home Learning

Welcome to the year 4 home learning page. Miss Manners here, I will be updating the page and adding work on a regular basis. 

If you click on the 'For children working from home', there are a range of ideas that you can keep referring to, to help your child to work from home. This includes a list of websites and subjects to focus on.

For Children Working From Home

Here are the packs that the children received in the final week of school below.

Year 4 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf

Year 4 Home Learning Pack.pdf

Year 4 Practical Ideas.pdf

I hope you are all well! Below is the most up to date home learning that you can be working your way through this week. I will be available to answer any queries that you may have via the email:

If you need any advice or want to let me know how you are getting on- I would be happy to hear from you!

Keep pushing on guys- we can do this!

Stay home, take care and keep safe,

Miss Manners.


Week Commencing 13/07/20

Final Week.docx

Group 1---problem-soliving--fluency-and-reasoning----.docx

 Group 2---Problem-solving--fluency-and-reasoning----.docx

Group 3- Problem solving.docx


Extra learning for current week

Week Commencing 06/07/20

Adding and subtracting decimals worded.docx

adding subtracting decimals ppt.ppt

adding subtracting decimals qns.docx

adjustedWSOrdering Decimal Numbers 031214.docx

WS Word_Problems_(Decimals) 051214.doc


Year 4- Spag 2.docx

Year 4- Spag 3.docx

Week Commencing 06/07/20

Week Commencing 6th.docx

Wednesday Maths

Group 1 Angles.docx

Group 2 Angles.doc

Group 3 Angles.docx


Week Commencing 29/06/20

29th June.docx


Week Commencing 22/06/20


Weekly Schedule.docx








Week Commencing 15/06/20

I have added 5 more Big Maths below (5-10), so begin to work through these until the end of term

Week Commencing 15.docx

word problems to solve (+ and -) Group 1.docx

2 step word problems - Group 2 3.docx

Symmetry 1.docx

Symmetry 2.docx


Week commencing 08/06/20




Week Commencing 01/06/20

wk 1.docx


Week Commencing 18/05/20

Weekly Schedule.docx


Week Commencing 11/05/20

Maths and Literacy Schedule.docx

Group 2-3.doc

Division Group 2-3.doc


Week Commencing 04/05/20

Wk 3 Home Learning Schedule.docx

Wed Word problems.doc


Week Commencing 27/04/20

Please focus on the above story for literacy this week, and we will push the literacy work on Living things back until next week! I look forward to seeing your ideas for the ending of the story! Happy story writing!

Wk 2 Home Learning.docx

+ and - fractions with the same denominator Group 1 2 and 3 inc answers.pdf

Group 1 Equiv Fractions.docx

Group 2, 3 Equivalent Fractions.doc

Blank Fraction Wall.docx

LA Translation Group 1.pdf

translation Wed.doc






Week Commencing 20/04/20

Maths Revision

Maths Monday

Monday Reasoning.docx

3 digit subtraction.docx

4 digit subtraction.docx

Maths Tuesday




Maths Wednesday

Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.docx

Maths Thursday problem solving

Thursday problem solving.docx

Maths Friday

Big Maths- Pick one


Literacy Revision


Character example.docx

Draw your superhero.docx

Tuesday- Write 10 sentences using the fronted adverbial sheet given


Wednesday- Pick a Grammar Hammer

Thursday- Write a story about a superhero of your choice

Friday- Pick one of the spellings from the spelling sheets below- Write some sentences using these words. To up-level, write your sentences using a conjunction.


Easter Activities

Week commencing 06/04/20



First 5 spelling sheets

  1. Prefix super, sub, inter.doc
  2. 2. Prefix anti, non, auto.doc
  3. 3. Prefix pre, de, re.doc
  4. 4. Prefix in. imp, imm.doc
  5. 5. Suffix ing - two syllables.doc

Week commencing 30/03/20

Maths Monday

Maths Schedule.docx

 Reasoning Revision Mon.docx

Group 1 Mon.docx

Group 2.rtf

Group 3 + extension.docx

Extension Group 1.docx

Maths Tuesday

adding subtracting decimals ppt Tues.ppt

adding subtracting decimals Tues.docx

Maths Wednesday

ReasoningTime Wed.docx



24 Hour time - Mainstream.docx

Converting time LA.docx

Maths Thursday

Time and measure problems Thu.doc



Literacy Revision.docx

Information texts.doc



Big Maths Week 1

Big Maths Week 2

Big Maths Week 3

Big Maths Week 4

Big Maths Week 5

Big Maths Answers

Stage 4 Check 6.doc

Stage 4 Check 7.doc

Stage 4 Check 8.doc

Stage 4 Check 9.doc

Stage 4 Check 10.doc

Stage 4 Check 6 Answers.doc

Stage 4 Check 7 Answers.doc

Stage 4 Check 8 Answers.doc

Stage 4 Check 9 Answers.doc

Stage 4 Check 10 Answers.doc


Grammar Hammer Week 1

Grammar Hammer Week 1 Answers

Grammar Hammer Week 2

Grammar Hammer Week 2 Answers

Grammar Hammer Week 3

Grammar Hammer Week 3 Answers

Grammar Hammer Week 4

Grammar Hammer Week 4 Answers

Grammar Hammer Week 5

Grammar Hammer Week  5 Answers

Stage 4 Check 6.doc

Stage 4 Check 6 - Answers.doc

Stage 4 Check 7.doc

Stage 4 Check 7 - Answers.doc

Stage 4 Check 8.doc

Stage 4 Check 8 - Answers.doc

Stage 4 Check 9.doc

Stage 4 Check 9 Answers.doc

Stage 4 Check 10.doc

Stage 4 Check 10 - Answers.doc 

Week commencing 23/03/20


Equivalent Fractions Revision

Reasoning and Problem Solving

Group 1= Developing

Group 2= Emerging

Group 3= Greater Depth

(The children know which group they are in)





Time investigation.docx


Both guided reading and literacy for the week below. Click the link.



Extras that might help

Easy_read_looking_after_your_feelings_and_body-2.pdf – KS2 Volleyball game with Dane Weatherill