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Welcome to Year 6

We are going to have a fantastic year and have lots of exciting things planned:  amazing visits, visitors and lots of new and wonderful experiences.  MIss Gillies and I are really excited to get to know you all and look forward to our journey throughout the year.  Remember, we are here for anything you need, so if you have any problems, please come and see one of us.  Don't worry if we look busy as we always will, but we ALWAYS have time for you!


Summer 1:  Lest We Forget

This half term we will be learning about World War 2.  Our main focus will be on Leeds, and we will be learning about the lives of people living in Leeds during the war and how the businesses within this region contributed to the war effort.  We will also be making comparisons between World War 2 and the the current war in the Ukraine and how people around the world are responding to this war and the people fleeing the conflict.  As part of this theme, we will also be visiting Murton Park and learning about what life was like for an evacuee, and we will also have a visitor whom will teach us about the Holocaust.

Spring 2:  Breaking Down Walls

Our theme this half term is ‘Breaking Down Walls’ where the children will be learning about conflict, trade, economics and migration.  The theme will begin with the children looking at walls throughout History: Berlin Wall, The Great Wall of China etc. and their purpose and effect on the lives of people whom were and still divided by them today.  As part of this theme, we will be learning about identity and the plight of refugees around the world whilst looking at human rights. 

Spring 1:  Traders to Raiders

This half term we will be learning all about the Vikings.  We love History in Year 6 and are excited to be learning about the lives of Vikings living in the United Kingdom:  how they arrived here, what they did and how they changed the lives of people living in here forever.  During this theme, we will learn about the attack on Lindisfarne and our artwork will be linked to this fascinating island.  We will also follow the journey the Vikings took as they sailed along the River Ouse into York.

London 2022

Year 6 have had a fantastic residential in London - one they will never forget!

Day 1:  The first stop was Harry Potter World followed by an evening meal at the Jungle Cafe and ended the evening watching a street artist on a unicycle at Leicester Square before checking into the youth hostel.

Day 2:  A visit to the Science Museum where they took part in a fantastic interactive workshop at the Wonderlab.  This was then followed by a ride on the tube to Buckingham Palace.  From here, they walked through Horse Guards, past Downing Street and to Westminster where they visited Westminster Abbey.  At Westminster Abbey, they were filmed by Channel 5 and are hoping to be on TV on the 21st or 22nd December.  Following this, they walked to the London Eye where they watched the sun set.  After all this, they walked to Pizza Hut for an all you can eat buffet and then on to see Matilda at the theatre - it was amazing!

Day 3:  For the final day, they went to the Tower of London where they got to see the crown jewels! Then, last of all, they cruised down the river back to Westminster where they met the coach to travel home.  What an experience and one they will never forget!

Autumn 2:  Take a stand: challenge climate change

This theme has come at the perfect time this year.  COP27 is happening in Egypt and our children are already extremely passionate about doing their bit to tackle Climate Change.  Throughout this theme, we will be looking closely at environmental issues and what we can do to make a difference. We will also be visiting Veolia - our local recycling centre to learn about what happens when we recycle  and will be testing our map skills during a canal/river walk in the local area.

To end this half term, we will be visiting London where we will visit some of the famous sites in our capital city and even have the opportunity to see a show in the West End.

Here are some photographs from this half term.  We've had a fantastic time and taken part in some great activities:  

  • Maya archaeologist visitor - Dr Diane Davies where learned all about what it is like to be an archaeologist in the Mexican rainforest
  • Drama - the attack of the Conquistadors
  • Becoming a leader of change with Hannah from the Leeds DEC
  • Big circuit activity where we had loads of fun trying to make the biggest circuit in the class

Mexico Celebration Day

Take a look at the photographs below of our celebration day.  Our celebrations were based around the Mexican festival 'The Day of the Dead'.  Lots of us came dressed up, and I'm sure you'll agree that we looked amazing.  We made a range of crafts, created our own altar and tasted Mexican foods.  It was an amazing day.


Autumn 1:  The Lost World

The Lost World is a fantastic theme where the children will get to explore the lives of the Ancient Maya.  In week 1,  they will have the opportunity to meet a real life archaeologist, Dr Diane Davies, and they will be able to handle a range of artefacts taken from the Pyramids in Mexico.  Watch this space to find out what exciting activities the children have taken part in.

Goodbye Year 6,  

We are going to miss you all, but we wish you lots of love and happiness for the future.  Just be you and grab your future with both hands.  Sending lots of love to you all. 

Mrs Ingham and Miss Gillies xx


Year 6 is always a tough year, but this year it feels even tougher.  What we need to remember, as we venture on throughout this year, is that no matter how difficult things become, God is there to support and love us - just as we are there to love and support one another.


Summer 2  - Growing Up and Moving On!

Wow, I can't believe we are in our final term of the year.  It has been a fantastic year and the children have had lots of amazing experiences and have worked extremely hard throughout the year.  Now, in our last half term, we will be focusing on moving on to high school and preparing the children for the next stage of their lives.  This half term will reflect on their lives at All Saints' and look at what the future holds for them.  We will also celebrate our time at All Saints' through our leavers' assembly and end of year performance.  

Curriculum Letter


Mrs Saville's Summer 1 Year 6 Literacy Group Curriculum Letter.

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