All Saint's Richmond Hill Church Of England Primary School


October 2021

 If anyone needs to be at home for any reasons to do with Covid 19, then they can use the pack below to keep up with their school work if they are well enough to do so.


Year 3 Isolation Pack



Monday October 1 2020

Hi everyone. Well it's a good job we took those exercise books home on Friday! What a shame we can't be together this week, but we'll just have to make the most of it. The work I'm setting today you can either do on the sheets, if you have a printer, or in your books. I'm attaching the Grammar Hammer test for you to have your second go at, along with your weekly spellings. I'm also attaching some maths word problems for you to enjoy. Look at which ones are for your group, but feel free to do extra! Any work on your maths targets would be good too. Our DT topic, that we were going to start this afternoon, is all about healthy pizzas. To begin with forget the healthy bit and see, with the help of the Internet if possible, how many different types of pizza you can find/think of. Make a list and tell me which is your favourite pizza and which one you would like to try for the first time.

Grammar Hammer


Spelling list

Word problems gps 1 and 2

Word problems gps 3 and 4

Word problems gp 5



Last academic year


So there it is - the end of our home learning period. We made it!  I have just checked and on this last day we are comfortably top of the league for hits on our section of the home learning page in July!  A massive well done to you and your adults. It doesn't surprise me, because seeing most of you again on Tuesday really reminded me of what a special bunch you are. 

It has been a very unusual time, something nobody expected when you first joined me in September, but we've just had to get on with it and try to stay positive. You have made me so proud.  Mrs Healey was very impressed with your times- tables on Tuesday.  In fact she was impressed with everything, such as your great attitude and how much you had remembered from the year.

By 3.25 it will be the Summer holidays!  You are just as entitled as any other year to have fun and  completely forget about school. However, if you did want to do a little then perhaps there is the odd task on here that you haven't completed yet.  I'm leaving it on. Remember the areas I've said will help you the most: X-tables, plenty of reading (I hope you do this just for enjoyment anyway!), practising your addition, subtraction, division and multiplication and writing amazing stories!  

If you wanted to do something today, then I think writing a thoughtful prayer or poem about lockdown, and your hopes for the future, would be a nice way to round things off.

Very best wishes to you and your families.  Although you won't be my class anymore it will be lovely to see you in September and hear all about how brilliantly you're doing in Year 4.

Mr A

Thursday July 16th

The maths today is by special request - from one of the parents!  So here are two lovely investigations.

Chico's card tricks

Spot the shapes

The second one is actually meant for Year 5/6 children, but it's fun and I think some of you are more than capable of solving it. Remember there are more shapes than you see at first glance and some of them overlap.  Take your time and a massive well done if you are correct, or even near the answer!   If you aren't correct when you come to marking it, now you  have the answers go back and see if you can spot them all!


Now here is a final RE lesson - in this one there is some interesting learning about the Bible.

The Children's Bible in Colour: Author: Books


Just click on the link below and get started.


Wednesday July 15th

Hi guys - if you enjoyed yesterday even half as much as I did then you had a great time! It really was lovely to see you all. For the odd one or two who couldn't make it,  if you click on the link below then you will see a message from your new teacher Miss Marsland.  I bet a lot of you will want to see it again anyway and I'm sure your adults will be interested.

Below is the photo she talks about.


How are you getting on with Ten Star Hotel for Kids?  Remember really let your imagination run wild.  Perhaps there are rollercoasters in the grounds?  Perhaps there are huge fridges in the rooms full of refreshing drinks and delicious ice-creams? Maybe the pool area is a match for any water park? 

Here is your maths for today.  Coordinates are a very enjoyable part of maths, as are pictograms, and that is why I have saved them for the last week of term. Have a good look at the PowerPoint below.

Coordinates PowerPoint

Now have a go at the sheets below.  Start with the first one and see how far you can get!

Cafe Coordinates


Tuesday July 14th

Well the day has arrived!  The day that I'll be seeing you all!  Exciting times!

Rather than put a separate English task on each day I have got a brilliant end of term project for you - Ten Star Hotel for Kids. 

 8 of the World's Best Hotels with Waterparks Revealed!

Environment ministry urges posh hotels to donate food waste to ...

Read the task below and really let your imagination go wild!  Set it out how you like. Any amount of images/illustrations. When I have done this task with classes before there has been a chocolate bar prize for the best ones.  So in September there will be something waiting for 3 of you!  Send your project to me or even hand it in in September when you return.

Ten star hotel for kids

For maths have a look at the PowerPoint from yesterday then attempt two of the three reasoning/problem solving sheets below.

Pictograms reasoning

Another ongoing task for this last week of home learning is to choose a second North American country to research and do a learning log about.

How Many Countries Are In North America? | Science Trends

USA, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica and many more to choose from!

Year 3 top of the league - again!

It's not just Leeds United at the top of the league!  After our success in June, with just 5 days to go, we have  more hits on the home learning page than any other class in July!  This makes me so proud of you all!

Monday July 13th

To start off this last week of home learning I hope that you enjoy this work about alphabetical order.  Please have a go at the extra challenge!

Alphabetical order

For maths we are focusing on pictograms. Have a look at the PowerPoint below.

Pictograms PowerPoint.

Now have a go  at two of the sheets below.


Finally for today, here are your very last spellings! You have now completed all the words from the  Year 3/4 spellings list!

Spelling list 11

I can't wait to see you all this week!  It will be lovely!

Week beginning July 6th:

Friday July 10th

Another drum roll please!  Your last Year 3 Big Maths test!  Again, let me know how you do.

Big Maths 15


By the way my new favourite number is 5!  Can you guess why?

Our comprehension this week fits in nicely with our recent science work.  There are 3 similar comprehensions below that get gradually harder.  Choose one of them to do.

Seeds and weeds comprehension

I hope you have a great weekend. Apparently the weather is going to be a bit better than it has been lately.  I can't wait to see you all on Tuesday - it's been a long time!

Thursday July 9th

 Drum  roll please! It's your last Year 3 Grammar Hammer test today!  I would love to know how you do in it!

Grammar Hammer 15


For maths here is some fun with magic squares. Read the top part carefully, so you know how they work.  Everybody start with section A and see how far you can get.

Magic squares

Answers for A

Answers for B and C

Finally here is another interesting RE lesson - this time all about the parables of Jesus.

56 - The Parable of the Good Samaritan (Spanish) - YouTube

Just click on the link below and get going!


Wednesday July 8th


Today we will start by writing a fantasy adventure! Hope you enjoy it.
Imagine you discover this little old building  at the bottom of your garden or  at East End Park or hidden behind the bushes on the school field.   What is inside?  I can imagine it's magical inside, much bigger than it seems on the outside.  Perhaps lit by candles, strange instruments on the tables, cobwebbed and dusty.
Behind you the door closes gently and you spy a man sat in emerald green robes, peering at you over his glasses, the candles flicker and die out.  It's pitch black and he whispers something to you.  Use this to write your opening and then think what happens next?



 For maths here are some word problems for you to solve:

Groups 1 and 2 word problems

Group 3 word problems

Groups 4 and 5 problems


Tuesday July 7th

Hi - I hope you are enjoying finding out about a country in North America.  If you haven't started then USA or Canada are obvious choices.  Jamaica and Mexico were also popular with last year's class.

For English today, some more reflection.   I would like you to  write about the best things about being in Year 3!   Try to do it in an entertaining way with an interesting title e.g  Top 5 things about Year 3!  Think of the current Year 2 as your audience. In fact, I am meeting them on Monday.  If you email me yours I can read it out to them.  I'm sure that they would really enjoy that.

For maths have another look at the PowerPoint from yesterday and then attempt two of the reasoning/problem solving sheets below.

Giving change reasoning

Monday July 6th

I hope that you have had a good weekend. I'm in a particularly good mood because Leeds United won!

Life is gradually getting more normal again and it is looking very likely that the whole school will be returning in September.  So now is the ideal time to reflect on the last few months.  I would like you to start the week with a piece of work about lockdown. Do it in two halves.  What have the good things been?  For example, spending more time with your family.  What have the bad things been? For example, so many people dying, missing your friends.

Remember the virus hasn’t gone away!  We still need to be sensible in order to stay safe.

For maths we are continuing our work on money. Have a look at the PowerPoint below.

Giving change PowerPoint

Now do two of the sheets below.

Giving change


Our last Geography focus is about the continent of North America.


North America Maps | Maps of North America

 Here is a PowerPoint to get you started.

North America PowerPoint

Now I would like you, similar to what we did with Europe, to choose a country and do an interesting learning log all about it:  sports, food, tourist attractions, famous people and so on.

Last but not least your spellings!

List 10

Week beginning Monday June 29th:

Important letter from Mr Pattison!

Mr Pattison's letter

This is telling you about a lovely opportunity for you to come in, in groups, on the last Tuesday of term. I'm really looking forward to it.  Amongst other things, it will be chance for the children to collect their reports, if you didn't ask me to email them. There will be further information about this day at a later date.

June Home Learning Champions!

Congratulations Year 3 on having the highest amounts of hits, out of any class, on the home learning page in June!  Brilliant!  I am feeling extremely proud of you!  Keep it up!


As requested, I will email reports to the following people this Friday - July 3rd:

Sosayt, Nathan, Treyvaun, Dane, Holly, Michelle, Aidan, Rosie, Abigail, Max, Tristan, Bruk, Nahier, Jacob and Lee. 

I have done hard copies for the others and have them in class.   As mentioned  above, collecting them on Tuesday July 14th would probably be the easiest thing, but if you are desperate for them then come up to school the week beginning July 6th.  NB: I am not in school on Fridays.


Friday July 3rd

Morning all.  I hope that those of you expecting your report via email today aren't feeling too nervous!  Only joking - I'm sure your adults will be very proud of you!

It's Friday, so here is your Big Maths.

Big Maths 14


Thinking about this week's comprehension, I decided on this one that I think you will find interesting. Everyone loves dolphins!

Dolphin myth comprehension


I hope that you have a lovely weekend!


Thursday July 2nd

Hi everybody.  Today is your second to last Year 3 Grammar Hammer test!

Grammar Hammer 14


For maths here are two more lovely investigations:

Kieron's cats investigation

Lighthouse investigation


To finish here is another interesting RE lesson from Miss Dhillon.  This time it is about the Holy Trinity.

Understanding What the Trinity is: Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Just click on the link below.



Wednesday July 1st


 Wow!  What an amazing picture!  Tell the story of this girl.  Perhaps this is half way through the story.  How did she get there?  Where does she end up? Does she manage to get out?  Just a few thoughts - you write the story in any way you like.

For maths here are two investigations to get stuck into:

Sandcastle investigation

Nicknames investigation


Tuesday June 30th

 Here is the final sheet of four that we have been working on for  the last couple of weeks.

Nouns, adjectives,verbs, adverbs and prepositions.

For Maths have another look at the PowerPoint from yesterday then attempt two of the reasoning/problem solving sheets below.

Reasoning converting pounds and pence

Now here is the last of the six lessons from the lovely Miss Roberts all about plants.

Cactus in Desert Poster

Today we are looking at how plants adapt to different environments. Just click on the link below and get going!


Monday June 29th

Hi everyone - hope you had a good weekend despite the weather.  A great victory for Leeds United!  Also, I know one or two of you support Liverpool, so well done on winning the league last week!

Your English work is carrying on from last week, reinforcing some of the basics that we must be confident in before Year 4.

Nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs

For maths we are looking at money.  Here is a PowerPoint to get you started.  

Converting pounds and pence PowerPoint

Now have a go at two of the sheets from below.

Converting Pounds and pence

And I know you'd be disappointed if I forgot your spellings for the week!

Spelling list 9

Finally, check that you are up to date with the science, French and RE from last week, before I start to put more on tomorrow.