All Saint's Richmond Hill Church Of England Primary School

Staff roles and responsibilities





Mr. D. Pattison

Deputy Headteacher

Miss A. Green

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs. R. Richmond (Maternity Leave)

SENDCo (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator) EAL Co-ordinator

Mrs. S. Saville



Class Teachers

Nursery Teachers

Mrs. N. Osborn

Mrs. A. Foulke

Reception Teacher

Miss H. Turver  

Year 1 Teacher

Mr. M. James

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs. C. Henson              (Mrs. N. Harling Maternity Leave)

Year 3 Teacher

Mr. P. Adamson

Year 4 Teacher

Miss C. Lancashire

Year 5 Teacher

Miss K. Johal

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs. C. Ingham

Intervention Teachers

Miss A. Green

Mrs. S. Saville





Behaviour Support Worker

Mrs. Sara Westerman

Parent/Carer Support Advisor

Please contact the office staff in the first instance

Nursery Nurses: Miss C. Hepworth, Mrs. E. Holdsworth (Based in Nursery).


Teaching Assistants and Learning Support:

Miss G. Oates, Mrs. L. Walker, Mrs. D. Fotherby, Miss J. Burrows, Mrs. R. Newsome, Mrs. S. Heeley, Mrs. A. Haley,  Ms. R. Gillies, Mrs. S. Burns, 

Miss D. Masterson, Mrs. S. Robinson- Lyons, Mrs. T. Hoyle, Mr. P. Spence, Miss N. Ahmed, Miss R. Saleem.

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:  Mrs. C. Henson, Mrs. K. Coggan.

School Business Manager & Admissions Officer: Miss D. Oliver

Office Manager: Mrs. C. Chadwick

Breakfast Club: Mrs. S. Westerman

Superintendent: Mr. B. Hunter

Lunchtime Staff: Teaching Assistants.  

Cook: Mrs. V. Tetley

The Governing Body of the school has representatives from the staff, parents and the local community.

The Governing Body’s responsibility is to manage the school and all its’ resources including staffing.

Chair of Governors: Mrs. M. Herlingshaw:


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