All Saint's Richmond Hill Church Of England Primary School


Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery and Reception

Early Years Leader: Mrs R.Richmond

Nursery teachers: Mrs A.Foulke and Mrs N.Osborn

Nursery nurse and support staff: Miss C.Hepworth, Mrs J.Burrows, Mrs T.Hoyle. Mrs S.Robinson-Lyons

Reception teacher: Miss H.Turver

Reception support staff: Mrs L.Walker, Mrs R.Newsome and Miss D.Masterson

Please click on the link below to watch a video about why the early years are so important.


All Saints’ Nursery is an integral part of our school family. We understand how important the early years in a child’s life are and that the experiences we provide will play an important role in their development.  

Our nursery is led by two qualified teachers and an experienced team of staff who ensure the children receive a high quality start to their early education. We build positive relationships so that the children feel safe, nurtured, happy and ready to learn. We take time to discover each child’s interests and incorporate these into our day-to-day activities to give them ownership of their learning. 

Young children learn best through play and we provide a high quality environment that allows our children to explore and learn. We have water, sand and dough areas as well as continuous access to mark making materials, a home corner, construction, small world, natural objects, maths-based resources and arts/craft materials.  

We also enhance our provision with purposeful and stimulating resources and activities to ignite curiosity, promote independence and to foster a love of learning. 

We are incredibly fortunate to have two wonderful outside spaces in which to explore and play. The Nursery has a huge range of resources to help with physical development. The natural world brings so much wonder and awe to the children’s lives and we spend lots of time outside playing in the main outdoor garden, caring for our plants or exploring the woodland area. 

Throughout the year, we offer trips and access to visitors. We have great links with a local bookshop, story teller and Harewood House. We have taken children on local trips and have regular visits from faith leaders. We really enjoy a good party in Nursery too so try to squeeze in a few each year to celebrate together! 

Through high quality interactions, teachers and staff support and challenge children in their learning. Getting to know the children means we are able to celebrate their strengths, recognise their next steps and support them in achieving their goals and building their self-esteem. 

We really value the support of parents and carers and we communicate with them effectively. We have regular ‘stay and play’ sessions for parents and carers to come and spend some time in Nursery with their children. Our curriculum letter each half-term details things that can be done at home to help the children practise important skills. Parents know their child better than anyone so it is vital that we work together. 



In Reception, we continue to build a strong foundation for our children, as part of our All Saints' Family. We strive to provide a warm and nurturing environment, where our children can grow in confidence and independence. We value all our children as individuals and our adults take time and care to build close relationships. We believe that our children’s well-being and involvement is integral to their learning. We aim to ensure that all our children are happy, engaged and eager to learn.

We have carefully planned a stimulating curriculum that inspires creativity and curiosity. We provide enriching experiences that excite and motivate our children. We visit the farm for some hands-on learning about animal life cycles. We go for walks to explore our local area to make maps and explore seasonal changes. We also visit Legoland, where the children use their imagination to build their own fantasy stories. 

Our rich and enabling learning environment is designed for children to investigate, discover, reflect, imagine, create, persevere and collaborate. Adults are the children’s partners in play and through effective interactions, we enthuse and challenge children in their learning.

We have high expectations, hopes and aspirations for each child to fulfil their full potential. We aim to equip our children with skills for learning and life, ready to follow their dreams in the future.

Working in partnership with parents/carers is vital for the holistic development of our children. Parents and carers are a fundamental part of our school family. We regularly invite parents and carers into our classroom and we post weekly updates on Tapestry to share our learning. We also offer curriculum meetings on Personal Social and Emotional Development, Read Write Inc Phonics, and Early Years Maths.